"Fascism should be called corporatism" - The alliance between the FBI and the global financial elite

26 Jan 2023 06:45 am

The alliance between private US corporations and state security agencies such as the police and the FBI was already institutionalized ten years ago and was by no means sporadic in nature. It was more sophisticated and connected than most critics imagined. And now we have learned from Davos that this fascist-like cooperation has become even closer.

By Rainer Rup

The head of the most powerful, criminal secret organization in the USA, the director of the FBI Christopher Wray, could not be absent from the World Economic Forum of the US-led “rules-based international order” in Davos, Switzerland (WEF 23). This is where the western financial elite and their propagandists, in the person of the politicians, scientists and presstitutes they bought and paid for, met for their annual rendezvous for geostrategic orientation, for getting to know each other and for a general exchange of ideas.

And of course the WEF in Davos is also fertile ground for the helpers of the rich and powerful to praise their own skills and previous successes. FBI boss Wray did the same when he praised his fascist organization over the green clover at a panel discussion. He said:

“The level of cooperation between the private sector and the government, particularly the FBI, has advanced significantly.”

This is immediately reminiscent of a famous contemporary of Adolf Hitler, namely the top Italian fascist and head of state Benito Mussolini, who defined fascism as follows:

“Fascism should be called corporatism because it is the perfect amalgamation of government and corporate power.”

And in that regard, according to its boss, the FBI has made significant strides in “collaboration between the private sector and the government, particularly the FBI.”

While this statement provides information as to the form of corporations that US private corporations and the US government, with the support of the powerful and ruthless FBI secret police, are moving towards, this statement alone is not sufficient to assess the degree of fascization that has been achieved detect. However, exactly ten years ago, in early January 2013, one got an unexpected insight into how far the institutionalized fascist alliance between capital and the police in the USA had already progressed against the background of the smashing of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement in the previous autumn (2012). was.

This fascistic alliance, which – as already emphasized – was already institutionalized at the time and by no means sporadic in nature, was much more sophisticated and networked than the critics of the sometimes violent, sometimes sneaky crackdown on the OWS had imagined.

The nationwide crackdown on protesters — violent arrests, beatings even of women with children, tear gas canisters planted on protesters’ skulls, handcuffs deliberately tightened to become instruments of torture, people handcuffed and locked in mass cells with no toilet until they… wet themselves or peed their pants. All of this was agreed and coordinated, not only at the level of the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the local police, but also with the security services of large banks and corporations. Such open cooperation and coordination between state security organs and private companies is generally regarded as an important indicator of the degree of fascism in a state.

This fascist alliance between US big business and state security forces has come to light thanks to the subsequent declassification of 122 classified FBI documents, court-compelled by the human rights organization Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF). What emerged was a frightening network of FBI, DHS, and police on the one hand, and private, so-called security services, “whose activities were centrally planned and locally executed under a common umbrella called the ‘Domestic Security Alliance Council’,” the agency said well-known US civil rights activist Naomi Wolf at the beginning of 2013 in the British daily newspaper The Guardians. The documents show that state security agencies worked with the banks “to spy on, arrest and politically discredit peaceful American citizens.”

So e.g. For example, campus police at six different US universities unlawfully leaked information to the FBI about students who had engaged in OWS, with the knowledge of the administrations (page 51 of released FBI documents). Bank security guards sat down with FBI officials to pool information about OWS protesters being “harvested” by private security companies on behalf of the banks, plans to disrupt OWS events were made months in advance between the FBI and the banks coordinated. Contrary to standard FBI practice, FBI findings about planned sniper killings of OWS leaders (page 61) were not shared with the individuals concerned. In Anchorage, Alaska, OWS was monitored by the Terrorism Task Force. In Jackson, Mississippi, the “Joint Terrorism Task Force” blew the “anti-terrorist alert” etc. etc. on the occasion of an OWS demonstration.

"Belongs to be expelled from office" - Biden

However, the available FBI documents represent only the “tip of the iceberg” as leading activists have pointed out that e.g. B. Documents relating to the FBI’s infiltration and arrest of five OWS supporters in Cleveland on April 30, 2012 were missing. Shaquille Azir, a convicted fraudster and bank robber, had been hired by the FBI as an agent provocateur. At OWS-Cleveland, he approached a few unemployed youth, got them jobs, alcohol and drugs, and after months of soul-massage, persuaded the initially reluctant to make a bomb under his tutelage. When this reached the experimental stage, the boys were arrested by the FBI and successfully cornered the OWS movement in the terrorism corner.

The fascist achievements and institutional collaboration of the criminal FBI with private criminal organizations of the financial elite was bad enough even then. When Director Wray praises his organization to the financial elites in Davos today, pointing out that the FBI has since made “considerable progress” in this area, and when one assumes that the FBI also passes on its knowledge and skills to friendly services with a similar focus has passed on in western countries, then it is more important than ever that we do not stop asking questions and demanding transparency.

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