Media report: Hundreds of bodies of Ukrainian soldiers discovered in refrigerated trucks on the border with Hungary

25 Jan 2023 8:21 pm

The Hungarian press reports on the forced mobilization for the Ukrainian army in the territory of the Hungarian minority in Zakarpattia. It turns more and more into a ubiquitous manhunt.

Darkness reigns in Zakarpattia at night, reports the Hungarian weekly mandiners. “We are far from the front, escaped from the missiles, but the electricity supply is the worst in Zakarpattia: there is electricity for two hours a day, and not always a day.” The water supply also fails, and at night the roar of the generators can be heard in the streets. Food is 50 percent more expensive than last spring, gas is twice as expensive and rents have tripled thanks to refugees from the eastern regions.

“In the spring,” reports the editor of the local Hungarian newspaper Karpati Igaz Szo, György Dunda, “a lot of people signed up for the territorial defense battalions because they were promised that they could stay in the region, but in the end they also found themselves at the front.” Several burials take place every day; the actual extent of the losses is not known there either. According to Russian reports, the 128th brigade of the Ukrainian army, recruited mainly from Transcarpathia, has already been completely wiped out at least once.

In recent days, according to the correspondent of Pesti SracokAngéla Füssy, “roughly hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers and police officers surprised Transcarpathia. They carry out a census, distribute conscriptions and collect the men: on the street, on the market, on the bus, at the kindergarten, in newspaper shops. Even in the gypsy settlements. “

According to a witness, the entire market in Munkacz was cordoned off; Soldiers and policemen rushed in, and anyone who looked like a draftsman was put on a bus and then taken away.

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Even 16-year-olds are said to have been taken away, and a Hungarian woman declared: “Hungarians who don’t leave here will definitely be taken away, it’s only a matter of time.”

The latest provision affects life in a completely different way: “The latest madness, a whole new law, is that you can now only get married or divorced with the consent of the military command. They want to introduce this because it happened that someone got divorced because single fathers can’t be drafted.”

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