Yuri Tsepkov: Volleyball in Russia is undeservedly deprived of attention

– How do you assess the popularity of volleyball in Russia at the moment?
– I think that this sport cannot boast of popularity among the population. In my opinion, volleyball in our country unfairly neglected.

– Perhaps more people would follow volleyball?
– Yes, definitely. Lack of due attention is also a problem of domestic volleyball. It is logical to assume that this phenomenon is due to the inability of many clubs to develop popular social networks, work on advertising and attracting fans. If all matches without exception were emotionally filled, I mean entertainment programs with spectators, it would also attract more people who want to watch not only sports competitions, but also have fun.

– If volleyball was a contact sport, would it attract masses of fans?
– Oh sure. No wonder the most popular sports are contact sports (football, hockey, basketball). This would give volleyball entertainment, which subsequently brought a large number of spectators to the stands. And as you know, people demand bread and circuses.

– Maybe there is a rule that should be canceled in volleyball?
– It seems to me that there are no such rules. At the moment, volleyball has improved as much as possible in its development. And all the current rules are in place.

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