What a good feeling when you place an order at home and it finally arrives at the door of your house… However, there is no shortage of cases in which our purchase comes with a little surprise included.

This recently happened to a guy who ordered takeout and several thousand dollars came included with his hamburger (HERE the story). But that anecdote was less sinister than this one that we bring you now, with a woman who received an order for her clothes that she brought a note where they tell you that you are going to die with those clothes on.

Woman finds note in clothing order;  she says that she "will die with the garment on"
Illustrative image. Photo: TikTok Capture

You got a note on your clothes order and a death warning?

Well, maybe it’s not what one would say a death threat as such, but the truth is that this case is very strange and it’s like getting completely out of the loop.

Amanda Ellis, a tiktoker from the United States, recently shared a video where she said that she made a home order on January 15 to a well-known Chinese retail clothing brand. When her purchases arrived and she opened the bag, several pieces of paper fell out and the surprise came: they were notes that said “You are going to die with this suit on”.

Woman finds note in clothing order;  she says that she "will die with the garment on"
Illustrative image. Photo: TikTok Capture

“I’m scared and worried, so I called the police… I will not wear or try on this dress, even if this is a jokesaid Amanda in her video, where we can even see that she takes the garment with gloves on.

Soon, his publication was filled with various comments where several followers told him that it could precisely be a joke. Others responded by saying it is possible that it is some kind of –cruel– publicity stunt, and several more empathized with her by writing that did the right thing by alerting the authorities. Here the video.

@michigansmiles84 #shein @shein_official #sheinhaul #sheingals #sheinfashionweek @SHEIN_Official @SHEIN_News @SHEIN_Japan please explain the attached video. I ordered on Jan 15th, this dress and others. Upon opening the inner Shein package, 6 pieces of folded over papers fell out. I am scared and worried and called local police. This is not a joke. I will not be wearing or trying on this dress, even if it is a joke. #worried ♬ original sound – Amanda

The company is already investigating the case.

According to Amanda’s account in other videos, she has tried to get in touch with a representative of said brand. This Wednesday, January 25, the tiktoker uploaded another video clip where she said that They have already contacted her to ask her about how she received the package.

They would also have explained to him that the order could have been inspected or opened by another of the points of the shipping company that was in charge of moving the package. But for now, No explanation has been given as to the origin of those strange notes.

According to The Sun, a company spokesperson confirmed that andThey contacted this client and are attending to the claim. What a situation, huh.

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