We need a defensive midfielder, a striker and a "uncle" for the young.  CSKA's tasks for winter 2022/23

Save Diveev and Carrascal

It is difficult to understand how many grounds there are for rumors of interest in these players from other clubs. More precisely, there is no doubt in the very fact of interest, but the prospects for such a transition are rather vague. Nevertheless, we fix: Igor is the most reliable defender of the army team, and Jorge is by far the most noticeable creator, so their departure would be a very significant loss.

However, the Red-Blues themselves are quite confident that Diveev will stay. The Turkish coast is a weak motivation for him, and Zenit is too principled an opponent. Yes, and Evgeny Giner in the camp of the main enemy will certainly not let his player go for any money.

It’s more difficult with the Colombian, if only because Flamengo, Corinthians and, according to his agent, even Atlético are experiencing varying degrees of interest in him, and this is a serious reason to think about a change of scenery. There are rumors that Jorge may even try to suspend the contract with CSKA. It seems that such an outcome is unlikely, since before the start of the season he signed a paper waiving this right granted by FIFA, but who can guarantee some kind of legal reliability in these troubled times?

Strengthen the center of defense

The transfer of Ilya Agapov from Paris NN for 1.3 million euros is intended to solve this problem. At the previous club, the 22-year-old defender played a prominent role in coming out of defense. For example, he entered the top three central defenders of the RPL in terms of moving the ball forward, and in Nizhny Novgorod only midfielder Mamadou Maiga made passes more often than him. And often it was he who was trusted to make long passes (3.8 per match – more than just goalkeepers). Agapov also has a good left foot, and such players are always in short supply.

At the same time, his defensive skills were not impressive at all. And if in a positional attacking game he can become a good option for Vladimir Fedotov, then how much he will be able to prove himself in a much higher line of defense than in HH is a big question. It is significant that in the selections for the match (1.0) in Pari NN, he was already 13th in the fall!

It is worth adding that Fedotov loves schemes with three central defenders, that is, his first choice will be the trio Agapov – Diveev – Willian Rocha, and the second: Vadim Karpov – Matvey Lukin – Dmitry Kaptilovich. With all due respect to the 20-year-old Karpov, he has not yet managed to convince us that he is a player at the level of the main CSKA. So the coach needs another good player for this position.

Deal with the support zone

The Red and Blues have been buying players for this position for years and trying a lot of options. Only since 2018, Ivan Oblyakov, Ilzat Akhmetov, Yaka Biyol, Kristian Bistrovich, Baktiyor Zainutdinov, Konstantin Maradishvili, Emil Bohinen, Jean-Philip Gbamin, Sasha Zdelar, Victor Mendez and Maxim Mukhin managed to play here. And only the latter looks harmonious in this role.

In my opinion, the selection service failed again with Zdelar and Mendez. It is no coincidence that estimates Whoscored the Serb is only 15th in the team, and the Chilean is 19th. In the presence of Mukhin’s “bulldog”, it would be logical to give the second position to box-to-box, capable of covering the entire central axis of the field from the penalty area to the penalty area, helping the attacking midfielder or two insiders to create overload in separate zones. Neither Zdelar nor Mendez are strong in this. It is noteworthy that Mukhin has more passes under attack in the fall (0.9 per match) than his teammates (0.6-0.7).

The ideal scenario would look like this: sell both for a total estimated cost of about 6.5 million euros and purchase one, but really worthwhile player with this money.

Strengthen the attack

Fedor Chalov’s career is reminiscent of American racing, but in whatever form he may be, remains the only serious candidate for the role of the spearhead, because Anton Zabolotny and Adolfo Gaich are more meme inspirers than real scorers.

For two in the fall, they spent a little more than 200 minutes on the field and scored one (!) Goal. At the same time, Chalov is second only to Milan Gaich and Zainutdinov in terms of playing time among field players, which shows that he has no alternative for the coaching staff. Do we really need some more calculations to realize that the team needs another sensible striker? Then Gaich and Zabolotny can be solemnly released.

Think about “uncle”

The army team traditionally has a rather young team, in which there are only four players over 27 (!) years old. And of these, only Igor Akinfeev succeeded as a big player, while Kirill Nababkin, Georgy Shchennikov and Zabolotny, even in their best years, were not significant figures in Russian football and do not have sufficient authority.

And they are not the players of the starting line-up, so in fact there is not a single experienced football player on the field who can sometimes spur on, calm down or lead others, and somewhere to engage in a skirmish with an opponent to slow down the game. The lack of such a player was especially felt in October-November during the 8-match period, which included only one victory. A withThe result of these failures was the fifth place in the table, six points behind third-placed Rostov.

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