German Leopard tanks to Ukraine?  Traffic lights and CDU rejoice – criticism from Die Linke and AfD

25 Jan 2023 8:20 am

Are the scriptwriters for German foreign policy based in Washington and is the German government’s unofficial spokesman assigned to work in Kyiv? Uli Gellermann dissects the current influence on German politics on the subject of Ukraine and internationally requested tank deliveries.

By Uli Gellermann

Although German foreign and war policy is made in the USA, the Ukrainian Ambassador Alexei Makejev is allowed to carry out public relations for the extension of the Ukraine war in the United States ARD-Daily topics are announced. With a happy grin, he tells the submissive Caren Miosga: “I think the armored coalition is just being formed.” The Ukrainian governor of the USA in Germany can report the further intensification of the war before anyone else.

Best main battle tank worldwide

For days, the German media have been overflowing with enthusiasm about the Leopard main battle tank. She knew what “makes him so special”. ARDReport to the daily news: He was fast, agile and easy to repair. the daily News-editors bursting with pride:

“These tanks are superior to the Russian device, especially in the more modern versions, and can destroy the enemy in battle. Experts consider the ‘Leopard’ to be the best battle tank in the world in its respective generation.”

In the wrong movie

Former Commander-in-Chief of US Army Europe Ben Hodges made the US radio station NPR clear that Ukraine could thus launch a strike against the corridor seized by Russia from the Donbass to the annexed Crimean peninsula. In addition, the Ukraine could form a heavily armored unit with western battle tanks, “the spearhead of a force that could break through the Russian lines in the direction of Mariupol.” You thought you were in the wrong movie, like in Hitler’s “Deutsche Wochenschau”. And anyone who knows that the Leopard carries the technical genes of a Porsche development, the “King Tiger”, the last miracle weapon of the Second World War, will no longer be surprised.

Bloody spring offensive

“A terribly bloody spring offensive” is what former NATO general Hans-Lothar Domröse expects. Officially, no one wants to speak of a possible bloody response from the Russian army. But unlike the war-crazed German media and politicians, the German population is skeptical: In the current Germany trend for the ARD-Morgenmagazin spoke only by a slim majority in favor of supplying Ukraine with heavy battle tanks. If you take into account that this majority was achieved amid months of barrage through all channels, then you know that the media has not yet fully achieved its goal.

Kissinger peace plan?

“Is the Kissinger moment approaching for a peace plan?” asks the broadcaster n-tv and underpins Kissinger’s position with a quote from US Chief of Staff Mark Milley – after all, the highest-ranking military man in the USA – who said surprisingly openly even before Christmas:

The likelihood of a military victory for Ukraine, defined as kicking the Russians out of all of Ukraine, including their claimed Crimea, is not high any time soon.”

Final battle obviously on German soil

A majority of media and politicians want nothing to do with negotiations. But while the fight against Russia has so far been fought to the last Ukrainian, people like Hofreiter and Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann obviously want to fight the final battle on German soil. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says openly where the journey is headed: “Russia must know that a nuclear war can never be won.” The safest US nuclear bunker in the world is in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. Perhaps Stoltenberg has booked a place there.

Uli Gellermann is a filmmaker and journalist. His media criticism is based on his experiences with public broadcasters. He is the editor of the website RATIONALGALERIE.

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