The number of murdered women in Spain is skyrocketing.  Seven more victims in January

“In January this year, six women and an eight-year-old girl were murdered as a result of sexist violence,” Spanish Equality Minister Irene Montero tweeted on Monday afternoon. In Spain, the number of homicides of women is increasing exponentially. In less than a month, the Spanish government convened a second emergency meeting of experts on violence.

Feminicide in Spain. In 2022, 49 women were murdered

The crisis committee met for the first time last December, when 11 women were killed as a result of domestic violence. A 45-year-old woman and her eight-year-old daughter were murdered on Monday. The killings took place five days after the 38-year-old was murdered. Since 2003, the Spanish government has registered further cases of feminicide. The latest deaths bring the number of women murdered by their current or former partners to 1,188. At the same time, 49 children were also killed by men. In 2022, 49 women were murdered. This is seven more than the year before.

“The Ministry of Equality is convening a crisis committee meeting to analyze each case in detail, find out what went wrong, improve coordination and make sure we always arrive on time,” Spain’s Equality Minister Irene Montero tweeted. The meeting will be attended by officials from the Ministry of Equality, Interior and Justice, as well as representatives of local governments.

Electronic wristbands with GPS for perpetrators of violence against women

Amid a spike in murders, the Spanish government is considering introducing a law that would allow authorities to inform women victims of domestic violence of their partners’ previous convictions. In 2009, the Spanish government introduced electronic bracelets for perpetrators of violence. The built-in GPS tracks their location and alerts victims of domestic violence and the police if the perpetrator comes within a certain distance of the woman. In 2020, the Congress of Deputies introduced the law “Solo si es si” (translation: “only yes means yes”), which clearly defines consent to intercourse and thus tightens the definition of rape. The new law was introduced after the so-called in the 2016 Pamplona “wolf pack” case, where five men raped an 18-year-old woman. The recording from the phones, in which the woman had her eyes closed and did not scream, was supposed to convince the judge that the woman consented to the intercourse. Since the introduction of the law, passivity and silence are not considered consent to sex.

Femicide in Poland and in the world

According to UN data from 2020, more than half of women and girls have been murdered by their current or former partners. The latest figures from the UN show that 137 women worldwide are killed every day by a partner or family member. In 2021, women took to the streets in France, demanding decisive action from the government to prevent the growing violence. Organizations fighting violence against women in France reported that at least 101 women were killed by their current or former partners in the same year.

In 2021, the Women’s Rights Center established the Observatory for Feminicide, which monitors and diagnoses cases related to the death of women and works on proposals for legislative and institutional changes that would effectively assess the risk and protect women and children from serious bodily injury and homicide. Every year in Poland, up to 500 women lose their lives due to domestic violence. The problem of feminicide remains a taboo subject in Poland, believe the members of the Center for Women’s Rights.

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