The Basic Guide to Understanding NFL American Football

At that moment, the team that receives the ball has two options:

1.- Receive the ball and put the knee on the ground inside their end zone to ensure the exit of their offense from the 25-yard line, this is called a touchback.

2.- The player who receives the ball runs to try to take the ball as far as possible and where they stop it, the offensive begins, even scoring in this type of play.

Kickoff in the NFL
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offense vs. defense

There are 22 members. For each team, 11 play on offense (those who are in charge of scoring points), and 11 on defense (those who are in charge of preventing points from being scored).

The offense will have four opportunities to go 10 yards, if in one of those 4 opportunities it gets 10 or more yards, it will continue with possession of the ball, if in its 4 attempts it does not go 10 yards, it will have to deliver the ball to the opposing team.

He does it via a punt.

The Basic Guide to Understanding NFL American Football
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I’m already ‘grabbing’ him, but how do you score a touchdown?

In the game you can score points in three ways:

1.- Through the touchdown, in which the player reaches the end zone; this gives 6 points. With the Field goalthe kicker has to put the ball in the middle of the posts and that gives a point.

2.- There is the possibility that in 4 opportunities the offense could not make the touchdown (scoring), but it was very close to ground zero. Well, there they have the possibility of scoring a field goal, but this time it will count for three points, as long as it ‘hits’ the posts.

3.- The safety, which is when an offensive player in their own end zone is stopped, and this gives two points.

Punishments, handkerchiefs and other details

What are the most frequent penalties in the NFL and how are they penalized?

There’s less left, let’s go with the ‘bear dogs’

They are basically 2. 1.- Ipass interception: Occurs when a pass is made by the offensive team, but one of the opposing defense players catches the ball and has a chance to score.

2.- Fumble or loose ball: It happens when a team has control of the ball but it falls, either because it slipped or because another player threw it, that’s when the other team has a chance to catch it. This makes the players enter such a battle to recover the ovoid.

And who wins?

Obviously, logically, the team that obtains the most points wins, however, in the event of a tie at the end of regular time, extra time (15 minutes) must be used. In those minutes the team that scores first a touchdown, Field goal or a safety, is who wins the game.

Ready, now you are an expert!

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