Solana applauds the shipment of tanks to Ukraine, but warns: "The decision may have a response from Russia"

Javier Solana has celebrated the shipment of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. The former Minister of Foreign Affairs, the only Spanish who has been in charge of NATO, has outlined that the decision is positive, but has also warned that “it may have consequences”. “Let’s see how he responds putin“, has said.

Solana is back to political news. She has been involved in his party’s campaign. Today she has been seen at the informative breakfast of Europe Press made by Felix Bolanos and yesterday he acted as presenter in a similar appointment with Juan Lobatosocialist candidate to preside over the Community of Madrid.

Solana, with extensive experience in war situations, has classified the decision as “very difficult” and has stressed at all times that it was the result of the union between European countries and their allies.

“It has been very difficult. But you have to be united. Honestly, I think it has been a good decision,” he said wrapped in a cloud of journalists on the banks of one of the rooms of the Hotel Villa Magna, in Madrid.

Solana has explained the step in front of Germany in this way: pressure from the German government itself – the green ministers had been asking the chancellor for it Olaf Schölz–, the push of a large part of the European nations and the similar movement of the United States. In tune with Germany, the American president, Joe Bidenhas announced that it is going to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

Germany had the decision in its hands for being the manufacturer of the Leopard 2 and for having veto power over the countries that acquired them. Hence the importance of diplomatic work carried out by Poland, the Baltic countries or the United States.

About the Doubts of the German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, Solana has reasoned: “The clashes between Russian and German tanks are dramatic. Historical because of what happened in World War II. Therefore, if the decision was not made between all the countries, it could have worse consequences “.

Spain is, together with Greece and Germany, one of the European countries that owns the most Leopard 2. Félix Bolaños announced this morning that Spain will comply with its international commitments and that it will also send tanks to kyiv.

However, it is not clear how many units it is. Bolaños has not specified the number and Javier Solana has acknowledged not knowing how many of the Spanish Leopard 2s are in good condition.

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