The hosts took advantage of the mistakes of the champions, who were let down by the legionnaire. The army of Moscow suffered a third defeat in a row, which leads to certain thoughts. In the playoffs it will be difficult to rebuild.

CSKA goalkeeper Sharychenkov played the fourth match in a row. Apparently, he is being prepared for the playoffs, where rotation at the last frontier is not welcome. However, after the victory in Moscow over SKA, he lost three times in a row. His opponents Konovalov, Huska and today’s birthday man Nikolaev outdid the Muscovite, who has not yet learned how to pull out important matches.

However, blaming the goalkeeper is a thankless task.

At CSKA, those who should lead the team again looked faded. Troika Grigorenko – Karnaukhov – Slepyshev, as in Nizhny Novgorod, literally crawled on the ice. She is locked in the zone for a long time, at the gates of Sharychenkov the ice begins to melt. Pitertsy leveled the score (Khairullin) in a dashing counterattack. It was started by defender Nikishin, who pissed off Slepyshev in the defense zone like a boy. And with a pass over the board he sent his partner to a rendezvous with Sharychenkov. And the defenders of Muscovites Nesterov and Sergeev rose too high, forgetting about the rear.

Again, everything went awry at Okulov. Yes, and the defenders have a lot of questions. Provolnev acted carelessly in Spartak style – he twice handed the puck to opponents in his zone. Gusev took advantage of the second gift and put an end to the derby – 3:1.

In the third period, the guests were closer to the goal, forcing the hosts to give up high pressure. But the Muscovites’ offensive ardor was brought down by two removals. I am still at a loss for what Bryukvin received a fine for. The leaders did not take advantage of this removal. Moreover, Sorkin could actually have scored in a counterattack, but Nikolayev came to the rescue.

Soon Yarosh, knocking down the puck that had landed on the net at the rounding of the gate, overdid it and threw it into the stands. Retribution for the stupid foul of the mysterious legionnaire followed immediately: the inconspicuous hero Galimov caught a rebound from his partner’s back and hit an empty frame.

And the best among the losers in the third period was the fourth link Abramov – Pankratov – Poltapov, in which the latter replaced Bryukvin, who moved to the third three instead of Mamin, who received damage.

“After such defeats, confidence is lost,” Fedorov once said. This evil is not of such a big hand, it is bad when confidence turns into self-confidence. Not the fact that CSKA will retain its place in the quartet of the strongest in the West.

“Torpedo” with a record that does not reach the half of salaries, carries the champions-tostosums and is about to overtake them in the standings. And today’s defeat from SKA added confidence to the team of Roman Rotenberg, which is extremely important a month before the playoffs with the “spear”. However, now there is no certainty that the army team will meet in the cup round.


SKA – CSKA – 3:1 (1:1, 0:0, 2:0).

Goals: Khairullin, E. Galimov, Gusev – Dietz.

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