Lothar Wieler: A politically abused scientist - but only one personality in the system

25 Jan 2023 21:08

Before leaving, RKI boss Lothar Wieler admitted in an interview with Die Zeit that the school closures in the Corona crisis were never necessary. It was also always clear that every measure has side effects.

Shortly before he leaves the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on April 1, Lothar Wieler, head of the authority, now admits his own mistakes and, surprisingly, calls for the corona crisis to be dealt with. Wieler’s comments come at a time when a survey by the time showed that a majority of the 2,500 respondents – 58 percent – spoke out in favor of dealing with the errors in the Corona crisis. In an interview with the time Wieler now explained that the Corona crisis must “absolutely” be dealt with:

“As a scientist, I want to know: Which measures were appropriate, what were the cost-benefit effects?”

However, the processing must be “well-founded”, in the form of a “clean analysis, because we have to learn from it for the future”. When asked about the dramatic cuts for children and young people caused by lockdowns and school closures, Wieler claimed:

“We have always made recommendations that could have allowed schools and daycare centers to run, albeit with effort.”

There was never just one alternative: either a few deaths or keeping schools open, but the existing scope was “not considered with the necessary care, calm and objectivity”. At the beginning of the crisis, it was also not clear to what extent children contract corona and to what extent they are affected by possible long-term consequences. “We also had to protect them,” said Wieler. He shifted the responsibility for implementation to politicians and those responsible on site.

“And it was always clear that every measure has side effects.”

When asked about his own mistakes, Wieler said he had had too few conversations “also because he was overworked” in order to better classify the complex events. The RKI and the Federal Ministry of Health had announced that Wieler would leave the authority on April 1st. What he intends to do afterwards, he also said in an interview with the time Not. His resignation and the timing were a “personal decision”. The Corona events have now become manageable, so this is a good time to stop. He wants to “do something new” again.

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