Macri and Bullrich, summit with family photo

There was a photo. The president of the PRO Patricia Bullrich spent two days at Mauricio Macri’s house in the Cumelén country of Villa La Angostura, where they combined a family gathering (she stayed with her husband) with a lot of political thread. They had several talks where they agreed on the furious criticism of the Government and she told him about her government plans if she becomes president. The meeting was crowned with a photo of both with their partners. When Macri received Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in the same place, there was no photo. Contrasts. The image was spread by Bullrich with a text in which he sought to place her adversary in the place of the lukewarm and her as the authentic representative of Macri’s ideas: “We are the change or we are nothing.” In the meetings, she thought she glimpsed that the former president will not appear this year. It is not yet clear if it is a wishful thinking or a reality.

Bullrich was surprised by Macri’s invitation to stay under her own roof, but she accepted immediately. Both were going to meet around this time to talk, but not in that combination of family reunion and political talk. In Bullrich’s environment, they exploited the difference between her, who was invited to stay at her house, and Larreta, who had something more like a traditional meeting.since he was staying in the same country.

Larreta maintained his policy of not revealing anything that was discussed between four walls. In contrast, Bullrich took care of being the broadcaster of the photo with Macri, disguised as a thank you for her invitation: “Thank you Mauricio and Juliana for receiving us these days. I appreciate the warmth and clarity of ideas. We are going to put Argentina on the right path“, he said in a mixture of social message and political message.

Other references quickly shared the photo, such as Federico Angelini from Santa Fe, close to Bullrich but also to Macri: “The path to change is with the leadership of @mauriciomacri and the great courage of @PatoBullrich. We are the change or we are nothing,” he tweeted. The former secretary of the Fight against Corruption Laura Alonso also burst into emojis before the photo. That is to say: was celebrated by all the hard line of the PRO.

It was Bullrich herself who, in dialogue with related media, commented on something they talked about, although without going into details: “With Mauricio Macri we had a very in-depth meeting, which allowed us to work on the change and courage that the country need,” he said. And she slipped that Many of the criticisms they shared were against the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa (to whom Bullrich always endows his friendship with Larreta): “We are going to face Massa’s traps and explain the bomb that is brewing in the economy.” “We were talking about the future of Argentina. About something that we want to alert the people about what Massa is doing, about how they are fattening a problem, with more inflation, more pesos and more debt,” said the president of the PRO. “They are wanting to run the problems ahead because for that they have to make decisions they don’t want to make,” he said.

Since she and her husband, Guillermo YancoThey stayed two days at Macri’s house in Cumelén, the political conversation began with a walk between them, ended when they shared dinner with their partners and continued the next morning. In addition to the issues that Bullrich chose to comment on in public, there were others, including the PASO in Together for Change, the competition between PRO candidates -which Macri encourages against Larreta’s interests-, the strategy against the radicals (and the possibility of crossed formulas, such as those explored by Bullrich with Alfredo Cornejo), the discussions in the provinces such as Córdoba, Neuquén, Río Negro, Mendoza and Chubut, where there are dangers of rupture, among many other issues. The one that of course has not been settled is whether or not Macri will be a candidate.

She thought she perceived, due to some things that Macri hinted at, that she will not show up. But they were all comments in passing. And of course, Bullrich’s desire for Macri not to run can influence, since she would torpedo his own candidacy. “He gave some hint that he would not be a candidate, but there were no big definitions. He did not say anything concrete”, they explained in bullrichism, where they defined the meeting as “a good chat about the country.” It is clear that They were happy to have been able to display a photo with Macri that Larreta does not have. Bullrich is strongly committed to keeping the majority of the hard votes that would go to the former president and, with this, although he is not a formal supporter of Macri, he feels that he has them almost assured.

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