Loki Becomes Marvel's Most Important God

In the most recent chapter of Avengers Forever, Loki has shown why he is the most important God of Marvel.

Loki, in his most powerful version, has appeared in the middle of the battle against Supreme Doom and his army.

Loki has always been one of the most interesting and changing characters in comics of Marvel, because through the years it has been moving between the line of heroism and villainy. In addition, we have seen this Norse God devise all kinds of plans to defeat the Avengers, even turning into an alligator or a cat, in some comics. However, beyond all this, the truth is that this character has been destined for much more.

if we talk about Important Asgardians on the Avengers team, we immediately think of Thor, who has proven himself capable of great heroic deeds. However, the most recent events in the comics take us to a battle that threatens the stability of the entire Multiverse and that, given the possibility that the villains end up destroying everything, Loki he relieves himself as the most important God of Marvel. Besides, this could be the last hope. Next, we will tell you the details, but you should know that this post contains spoilers of the Avengers Forever comic #13.

Loki shows up to save the day, becoming Marvel’s most important God.

The Avengers' battle against Mephisto reaches its climax

The Avengers’ battle against Mephisto reaches its climax

If you have been following the events of the Avengers Forever comic, it is likely that you know the great battle that is being fought for the Multiversein which The Avengers are fighting with all their might against the Council of Red, which is an army of Mephisto and his multiversal variants.

This has been a great battle that has forced the heroes to give everything of themselves to stand a chance. Y thanks to the appearance of the Goddesses of Thunder and the Old Phoenix, The Avengers managed to make the Council of Red withdraw from the battlefield, as they provided them with a large amount of Mjolnirs for Captain America to use. It should be noted that these weapons have been collected from the Thors who died in different universes.

But just when they thought they had gotten a break, Doom Supreme Appears And He’s Not Alone, because he brings with him an army of Dooms from different universes. This situation took the heroes by surprise, who did not expect the arrival of this villain. However, all is not lost, because at this moment in which Loki appears in his most powerful version.

Loki, Avenger Prime, holds the Eye of Agamotto

Loki, Avenger Prime, holds the Eye of Agamotto

In it Avengers Forever comic #13after the arrival of Supreme Doom and his army to corner the heroes, Loki appears, holding the Eye of Agamotto. This variant is known as Loki, Avenger Prime. And this has been an epic moment, because no one expected the God of deceit to show himself in this way.

Loki, Avenger Prime has made his official appearance

That Loki is presented as the Prime Avenger makes a lot of sense, because, although much is said that Thor is one of the founding members of this team of heroesthe truth is that the God of deception has been the architect of the meeting of this group in various universes, such as Earth-616, for example.

This means that, paradoxically, and although he has tried to end The Avengers on different occasions, Loki has also could be considered as a protector of the multiverse. It remains to wait for the continuation of this comic to learn more in detail about Avenger Prime and his future actions.

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