Letter to my Uncle Bass

Everything was said. Dear grandfather! Everyone has spoken. All scholars have warned. All connoisseurs have warned. What else to say? Besides, should we wait for it to be said? The one who saw the Ivory Coast. The one who heard Libya. The one who followed Syria. One who observes Ukraine. What else to say? What ? Should we still take the risk of speaking? Should we still take the risk of being dressed as a stateless or fearful person?

Dear grandfather! Who to tell what? Who can say to avoid inviting NATO and Wagner to fight at home and in the Sahel. Who to tell what? To avoid this war by proxy that we have never ceased to fear and warn about. Who to tell what? That Gaddafi was more than armed. Who can tell what, that Syria has been destroyed. Who to tell what? That Ukraine has now become a war laboratory field of the great powers where the test object is no longer a mouse but the life, that of women, children, babies etc.

Who to tell what? Whether the States win in your partnership or they create wars that finance them. Who to tell what? That intelligence is avoiding war at home instead of winning or losing it. Who to tell what? That there is order and there are those who live by anarchy and wars. Who to tell what? That wars are usually by proxy and that the loser is the one who shelters him at home. To whom to tell what, that we are no longer in a period of empires but of Law and relationships.

Who to tell what? That we no longer know which saint to devote ourselves to. That it’s impossible to make people understand that it’s beautiful but not good, that it’s good but not good and that it’s good but good. That there is a time for everyone. That the good things are also the good times. That we do not open all fronts at the same time. Who to tell what? That Mali has too, too many war mines. That many silences are just waiting. Just waiting for the right moment for them. May Allah preserve us!

Yes, may Allah preserve us, dear grandfather, from what Syria has experienced. May Allah protect us from what Ukraine is going through. War by proxy! When it’s valiant to start wars but it’s great to avoid them. We know where we start and when we start but a war especially at this time when there are more who live from it than it can kill, God only knows, when it will end and how far it could go. Let those who have not seen war stop wishing for it. She can come where we least expect her. May Allah preserve us! Amine. My 53th sad and fearful letter for you grandfather. May Allah protect Mali. Ame!

Letter from Koureichy

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