It is the only dryer on the market with such a shape: it restores freshness to the hair without having to wash it

Perfect for hat season.

Hair dryer Diforo Leste she’s a very strong player. And at this price you won’t find anything better. It really does not electrify the hair, because instead of the well-known ionization, we have here an extremely modern plasma exchange technology.

Unusual shape and original technology is a new dimension of hair care.

You no longer have to choose between the health of your hair and its permanent styling. Leste by application unique engine solves the problem of excessive heating of the hair surface while using it high blowing power air. With this technology, hair will remain hydrated without damage and instantly stylable.

The biggest advantage of the dryer is innovative plasma exchange technology. Standard dryers use ionization to deal with frizz. Leste uses plasma emitter. Placed right next to the air outlet, it releases both positive and negative ions at the same time. Thanks to this, the neutralization of positive ions is faster and more effective than in the case of ordinary dryers. That’s why the hair is there smoother and not they strut, gaining a healthier appearance. The plasma ionizer used gives the effect of using a dry shampoo. Plasma emitter helps quickly refresh your hair without having to wash it and use of shampoo. Just direct the air stream to dry hair and after a while they will regain their natural freshness.

Styling nozzle, thanks to its design, it also serves as an additional temperature regulator. By using the styling nozzle, we additionally reduce the temperature of impact on the hair surface. This is especially important when applying the dryer to the surface of the hair. Its profile is only 6 mm thick, which is why the styling is so precise.

The diffuser is designed to maximize the volume effect hair. 14 small booster nozzles and specially profiled spaces make it push-up effect is instantly visible and lasts for a long time.

It is the only dryer of this shape on the market. It is extremely handy, light and mobile. It will fit in any cosmetic bag, you can take it wherever you need it.

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As a winter SOS for hair, I recommend these 3 products – batiste dry shampoo (for blonde hair, but there is also a version for brown hair) that adds volume once or twice without having to wash, super-nourishing dry oil Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Riche, which is not sticky and does not make the hair greasy, and prevents static (I also apply it to the ends and use it as a mask before washing, besides, you can rub it on the body and face!) and finally hairspray. I like to use this trick in the winter to add volume and fluffiness to my hair and restore its natural look before wearing a hat. All you need are two attributes: a hair elastic and spray paint. Tie your hair high in a knot, secure with a rubber band. Spray your hair with hairspray. Leave for some time. Then spray your hair again, remove the rubber band. What paints are best for this? Those that do not form a specific “crust” on the hair and that can be combed out with one stroke of the comb, e.g. Elnett

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