Robert Kirkman Confirms He’s Still Working On A Live-Action Invincible Movie

The live action movie invincible it was first announced in 2017, years before the animated adaptation that premiered to great success on Prime Video. Since then, the tape has not had any major updates and it seemed that it was cancelled, however, the creator of the comic robert kirkmanassured that Universal Pictures still holds it up.

Although six years have passed since its first announcement and there are still no reports on the filming kirkmanwho also created the animated adaptation for streaming and currently serves as executive producer, teased during an interview with Comic book that the film could start to take shape soon

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The series helped propel the film

During the conversation celebrating 20 years of invincible, kirkman He pointed out that the future film does not yet have probable filming dates or confirmed cast because they have focused on the animated adaptation, however, the success of this one has helped Universal to remain enthusiastic about the project.

“We are still working hard on that. Sometimes movies take a little longer. I think it’s safe to say that, if anything, the show just helped immensely. People are very excited about Universal’s film potential. So we’re building on that excitement and trying to push things forward and move as quickly as possible.”

robert kirkman,

Since its debut in 2021, the series of invincible has conquered the public thanks to its originality and zero censorship when it comes to telling a superhero story, for which the film adaptation has been awaited by its fans for a long time. However, while it doesn’t appear to be actively in production yet, planning has definitely started and Kirkman is excited and heavily invested in the project.

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When will the Invincible movie arrive?

The actor Seth Rogen and the writer Evan Goldberg They are in charge of writing the film. And besides, his own Rogen is linked to the animated show invinciblesince it performs as Executive producer of the series and gives voice to the character by Allen the Alienso its closeness to the story could help create a live action very close to the original comic.

The movie hasn’t yet an estimated date to start productionso it is likely that the film will be delayed for several more years, since the priority for now is the animated series, which will premiere the second season of invincible in Amazon Prime Video and its success will cause streaming to want to release more seasons.

kirkman had anticipated that the animated series would need approximately 5 or 7 seasons to adapt the entire comic, so this would keep the creatives more busy and they would neglect live action for several years. “We have drawn a route of where the different stories will be located and how many seasons it would take us to open and close arcs, but it varies depending on how much we want to work or not,” explained the artist. “I can see myself involved in this project between 5 and 7 seasons. It is not something that is set in stone, it could last more or less, who knows? But there is potential to do 100 seasons.”

For now, all that remains is to wait for the live action performances and enjoy the second season of invincible after two years of absence. At the first advance, we were told a conversation between invincible (Steven Yeon) and Allen The Alien (Seth Rogan) where the couple discussed whether the burgers should include pickles or not and, most importantly, they confirmed their return for this year, so the story and plot remain a secret.

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