Internal JxC: they were few and Carrió joined

True to his custom, Elisa Carrió once again deepened the internal one that exists within Together for Change. This time, the leader of the Civic Coalition assured that she is willing to be presidential candidate in this year’s elections to “achieve the unity” of the increasingly fragmented opposition coalition.

“I would be a candidate for President,” said the former deputy, conditionally, about the possibility of “reviewing” her political retirement with the intention of “expand the electoral offer and that the people decide who they want to govern the country”.

“I can become a candidate, especially for save the conscience of many who do not want to vote for certain candidates because they believe in the transparency of the Republic,” he said in dialogue with FM Urban Playwhere he pointed out that “Together for Change is a plurality of leaders and people have the right to be able to choose who represents that plurality”.

In case of showing up, he anticipated, he will do so with an austere campaign, low budget. “I am going to tour the country, but I am not going to have posters. I’m going to spend as little as possible, 80 percent of Argentines know me.”he said, boasting about the years he has been in politics.

Before giving a definition, however, will analyze “who can best express the unity of JvC”he explained. And she listed, as a sample of the breadth of candidates that the opposition space has: “They are (the head of the PRO) patricia (Bullirch); (the head of the Buenos Aires government) Horace (Rodriguez Larreta); (the governor of Jujuy Gerardo) Moralesand can also be presented (former president Mauricio) Macri“.

“And I can be there. You can also do it (the national deputy Facundo) manes. I do not exclude anyone”, clarified the referent of the Civic Coalition, who has been showing herself increasingly closer to radicalism.

Dialogue with Mauricio Macri

Although the main dispute within PRO, the strongest match within Together for Change, is between Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich, the truth is that Mauricio Macri continues to appear in public as a possible candidate and as the main space leader.

In this sense, Carrió was consulted about her relationship with the former president and said that she maintains a dialogue because she does not have “problems with anyone.”

“I talk to him (Macri), but he is the leader of another party and he is talking to other leaders,” he maintained, in a claim message to the former president.

And Gerardo Morales?

With Gerardo Morales, on the other hand, he has been holding meetings in recent weeks to work for “a Nation project that is transformative and changes the paradigms of the models that led us to ruin.”

“We had many meetings to agree on institutional issues (…) We are talking to the economic teams. Trying to see how retentions are eliminated to the field and agreements are made in terms of energy. Tomorrow we have a meeting on geopolitics. I like that good government teams are formed,” said the leader.

And he clarified about the electoral intentions of the Jujuy governor: “(Morales) is going to be a candidate for President. All the meetings that I have are to find points of agreement”.

javier milei

Asked about the figure of the national deputy and libertarian leader Javier Milei, Carrió recalled that his eventual incorporation into JxC had already been rejected by the National Space Table.

In this framework, he sought to differentiate himself from the position of Patricia Bullrich, who did show herself willing to add him to the coalition. “Her opinion is not that of Together for Change, my opinion is another. I really don’t know who Milei is, I don’t know who she is as a person, It has no history, I don’t know what its relationships are.”

“You choose people you know, who know how they think about everything, how they live, I don’t even know what their friends are like,” he added.

In addition, he stressed that he does not share the “anarcho-capitalism” of the deputy. “Anarcho-capitalism means lawless freedom. The desire to live without law implies a social Darwinism and the survival of the fittest. Everything must be in the trade. People, organs, life are merchandise and that is antihumanist“, he opined.

Request for impeachment of Lorenzetti

In another section of the radio interview, Carrió anticipated that the CC will support the request for impeachment of Supreme Court Judge Ricardo Lorenzetti in the National Congress.

We will ask for Lorenzetti’s impeachment, but not for the reasons the government argues. We had raised that he has a dark heritage. We are going to ask for his accusation,” she confirmed.

However, it will not adhere to the request for removal that exists against the other three magistrates of the highest court. “When the political trial begins, it is analyzed judge by judge. Then our bloc and our representatives in the commission are going to analyze what Rosatti, Rosenkrantz and Maqueda are not admissible, because it is an attack by Cristina (Kirchner) against these impartial judges“, he concluded.

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