Isabel Díaz Ayuso, this Tuesday upon her arrival at the Complutense University.

The intrigue has already been resolved. Leopard tanks are on their way to the Ukraine. That is the main news in all the headers. With very similar approaches. “Germany and the United States are preparing to deliver tanks to Ukraine”, headlines The country. “Germany relents and will send tanks to Ukraine,” he says The vanguard.

The intervention of the United States has been decisive, according to the correspondents. Joe Biden he has resolved the doubts of the German chancellor by telling him that he is also going to send the Abrams tanks. Something like: “Calm down, Olaf, if Putin pushes the button, he will have to choose whether to obliterate the United States or Germany. And if he shoots both, we touch half.”

Give me a second we are projecting an interesting infographic in the head of the listeners… Now, yes. we see in The country that Spain is one of the European countries with the most Leopard tanks. We have – the Army has, I only have one – 327. We are third on the podium, only behind the 521 of Germany, which is the manufacturer; and of the 353 of Greece. The rest are far, far behind.

But, be careful, because it must not be easy to get the Leopard tank card. El Español: “Ukrainians will need weeks, even months of instruction to know how to handle them.” They reach 70 kilometers per hour, have a 120-millimeter cannon and two machine guns. Autonomy for 340 kilometers. They weigh ten tons less than Putin’s armored vehicles. The latter is very important in case it stalls and you have to push.

The news about the tanks, also in all the headlines, is accompanied by the following news: “Volodimir Zelensky strikes down ten senior officials of the Government and the Prosecutor’s Office for a corruption plot”. There is talk of bribes and a network of bribes. They privately used cars that companies had donated to the humanitarian cause and collected bribes from large companies in exchange for award them public contracts.

Let’s go now with what happened yesterday in Congress, the first day of work in this 2023 for the deputies. Happy New Year, Ladies! “The anti-crisis decree goes ahead with the abstentions of PP, Vox and ERC. VAT reductions, rental extensions, transport discounts”. Two statements are fantastic in this chronicle. One of Mertxe Aizpurúafrom Bildu, who called Pedro Sanchez “beacon of system transformation”. and another of Gabriel Ruffianwho told him: “In Davos you looked like the Che Guevara with tie”.

But it was a sour day for Sánchez. Because Esquerra and PNV, his main allies, told him that they are going to charge more for his support, since this is an election year. They’re going to ruin it! Sorry, they’re going to ruin us. cover of The reason: “Revolcón of the partners to the Government in the Congress”.

The confidential publishes an interesting article on the political strategies in yesterday’s session: it reviews the clamp made by Sánchez and Santiago Abascal against Alberto Núñez Feijóo. The leader of the PSOE and that of Vox, close to knowing each other. Delighted. Abascal rescued the controversy of the anti-abortion protocol and Sánchez took advantage of it to encourage, in quotation marks, the “fear of the PP’s pacts with the ultra-right.” I now mention the headline of the interview Antonio Munozmayor of Seville, of the PSOE, in The country: “I am not going to feed fear of Vox out of respect for the electorate.” Rest in peace, Don Antonio.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, this Tuesday upon her arrival at the Complutense University.


Two large blocks on Isabel Diaz Ayuso. Those who condemn Ayuso’s escrache and those who downplay it. The world He has chosen that photo on the cover: “Ayuso, an illustrious student at his university between insults.” She also dedicates an editorial to the matter and calls what happened intolerable. They are in the same line The reason either abcwhich chooses this headline: “Intolerance enrolls in the University”.

On the other side of the river, they focus, instead, on the speech of the student with the best grades in the promotion, who came out in a storm against Ayuso. so they do The country, The vanguard, infolibre either In these newspapers, this girl’s speech is more important than the lynching of the president.

There are two very surprising things in all of this: the first, that Ayuso, 44 ​​years old, barely five years old in the first political line, was named an illustrious student of a Faculty of Information Sciences. Without her known experience in this field. She was chosen among thousands and thousands of students. And the other nonsense: the student who came out to speak as “best student”, worth the redundancy, was she really the brightest?

*This is the press review that Daniel Ramírez does every morning for ‘The early morning Spain’, in ‘Más de Uno’, the Carlos Alsina program on Onda Cero.

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