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We definitely can’t trust anyone anymore. Whereas Xbox had insisted on the fact that only 4 games would be presented during its Xbox & Bethesda Developer_Directeven going so far as to support the fact that no other revelations were planned on social networks, he began his presentation by indicating that there would ultimately be 5, and that the last one was developed by Tango Gameworks.

It is no surprise to Hi-Fi Rush, which leaked earlier this week (and even before that). This title, very different from anything Shinji Mikami’s studio has been able to do, is directed by John Johanas and is a rhythm action game where movement, attack and soundtrack are inseparable. Our combos will thus be carried out automatically in rhythm with the music, but will be more powerful if they are triggered at the right tempo.

We will embody here Chaia rockstar to become whose life will change following a bizarre experience that makes him sensitive to music and who will use his new power to undermine the evil plans of society Vandelay. Everything is well explained anyway in the presentation video released today.

The icing on the cake is that you won’t have to wait to play Hi-Fi Rush. He will be launched on the evening of this Wednesday, January 25 on PC and Xbox Series X|Sin its full standard version at €29.99 or Ultimate at €39.99 with digital bonuses, and it will be integrated into the Game Pass for subscribers.

Get ready to throw yourself into the pit with Hi-Fi Rush, a unique rhythm-action experience where the world moves to the beat of the music, available now on Xbox Series X|S and PC via the Microsoft Store, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. Hi-Fi Rush is also available in Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass!

As rockstar-in-the-making Chai, you’ll have to resist a sinister corporation of robotic upgrades using a rhythm-amplified combat system in a world where everything is synchronized to music, from environmental movement to blows you give. Raise your guitar and feel the rhythm vibes in this brand new title from Tango Gameworks, the team behind The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo (we were just as surprised as you were!).

Chai against the world

A diabolical company mistakenly merges a music player with Chai’s heart, the latter is quickly considered defective and hordes of drones seek to recover it to repair this anomaly! Chai now has the ability to feel the rhythm of the world and will have to fight to put an end to the nefarious plans of the company with his new rhythm-enhanced talents!

Feel. The. Pace.

In Hi-Fi Rush, everything automatically syncs to the music, from the kicks you give to your dodges. But the gameplay is not restricted by the song you are listening to, the game is all about action. You’ll need to feel the rhythm for Chai’s actions to be more effective, using more powerful strikes at the end of a combo if you sync up on a cymbal hit or coordinating your actions with one of his allies to unleash a co-op killing blow. In Hi-Fi Rush, each clash gives you the opportunity to make your own music video, making sure your every move resonates with the music.

Rebel brawlers vs awesome bosses

The megacorporation on Chai’s heels would rather anything than let a mistake like him ruin their production. But with the help of some new allies, Chai may be able to successfully rise through the ranks of the company, with each department culminating in a cinematic face-off against a boss, possessing its own music track!

Put on your helmet

And speaking of music, the game’s soundtrack is packed full of original and licensed tracks that will have you tapping your feet or shaking your head, each one synced to a particular level. If using licensed music in a stream scares you, don’t worry! Hi-Fi Rush offers a dedicated mode for streamers which replaces these tracks with original songs made for this mode.

Turn up the volume with Hi-Fi Rush Deluxe Edition

Do you want to put the amp on 11? Get ready for exclusive bonuses with the Hi-Fi Rush Deluxe Upgrade Pack! Change your look with special cosmetics and collect Gears to unlock special abilities and upgrades faster.

In addition to the base game, the Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Two outfits for Chai;
  • 7 additional T-shirts for Chai;
  • An 808 guitar skin;
  • An alternate 808 skin.
  • 20,000 Gears to unlock abilities and other upgrades. (Gears are a resource obtained during combat and exploration phases in the game and are not available for purchase).

If you already own Hi-Fi Rush, you can get the Deluxe Edition Upgrade, which will allow you to get all the additional content of the Deluxe Edition! You can purchase the Deluxe Edition Upgrade and the Deluxe Edition from the Microsoft Store.

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You can subscribe to XGPU for €12.99 per month.

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