endometriosis. "I was recommended pregnancy or sex for the pain"

— I waited eight years for my diagnosis. From the doctors I heard that “such is my beauty”, or I was sent from Annasz to Kaifasz. But I felt that the problem must lie much deeper – admits Sandra Hajduk-Popińska, journalist of “Dzień Dobry TVN” in the podcast “Year for the Body”. In an interview with Kaja Gołuchowska, she honestly talks about, among others: about her path to a correct diagnosis and what her everyday life with endometriosis looks like. According to the latest statistics, up to 2 million women in Poland may struggle with it.

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Living with endometriosis. “It’s a fight with the demon you have inside”

– It’s endometriosis a disease that likes to come back. You don’t get rid of it by having surgery. The lucky ones are those women who go to it once and don’t have to do it again, but I know one who had them eight or even eleven. It’s a constant battle with the demon you have inside. I’m fighting this demon too. I’ve had one operation already,” he says Hajduk-Popińska, associated with the media for many years. As she emphasizes, endometriosis had a huge impact on her life:

“I’m better today because I know I have it, and that awareness is key. But this disease can exclude you from social life,’ he explains, emphasizing at the same time that one of the biggest problems is the misunderstanding faced by patients.

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Endometriosis – pain incomprehensible

“If you have cancer, or you have permanent migraines, or some other disease that everyone knows and respects, it’s easier to tell people, ‘Look, I’m not coming to the party tonight’ or ‘I’m not coming to work. In our case – sick people – if you say “I will not come to the family meeting because I have endo”, you can meet the reaction: “Because you have… what?” he describes.

The journalist also emphasized that while she can enjoy the support of her relatives, she knows how difficult it can be to explain to them what this disease is all about. “We don’t quite understand it ourselves,” he observes. Unfortunately, because many of us are used to chronic discomfort (let’s consider how many times a month do you complain about abdominal pain?), we often we tend to belittle the situation of other women.

“For pain, I was recommended pregnancy or sex”

Women, even doctors often undermine not only the strength of this pain — and he can be monstrous — but they do not believe that you have this disease at all, says Hajduk-Popińska. – Visits to the doctor’s office are moments you will never forget. I went to each of them with my soul on my shoulder and with faith that I would eventually learn something. This may sound brutal, I thought at the time I’d rather hear about something very bad than to learn nothing again, he says.

— I remember one such visit to absolutely nice lady doctor, who was a lovely woman, but I guess she had no idea about endometriosis at the time. She was the first to tell me that “this is my beauty” and suggested that the solution to the problem is sex or pregnancy because then it will stop hurting me. I was about twenty at the time, she recalls.

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