El Ñery, La Jenny and La Luchona: trifecta of coastal humor

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Green and brown. Chipá and payé. Chamamé and Gauchito Gil. Spell and longing. Spanish and Guarani. Comedians born on the banks of the Paraná River condense their own codes, use a singular language and, more and more, are taking over the digital scene, swelling with likes, shares and followers: coastal humor is experiencing a kind of golden age.

Thanks to Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, comedians from Corrientes and Chaco have been finding their audience within their provinces and, in turn, are reaching all coordinates of the country with force. Using a language close to its own audience and with an unfailingly popular DNA, El Ñery, La Jenny and La Luchona, three of the most viralized characters on social networks, compress various edges of coastal comedy: make your village laugh and you will make the world laugh.

► The Ñery, lazy and tormenting

“Those who consume the Ñery the most are the lazy, those who do not work, the dry and the goreados”, jokes, to the touch, José María Ernst, alias El Ñery, a 35-year-old comedian from Chaco. “Nah, lie!” He recoils: “The ones who consume my videos the most are men.” El Ñery, who has more than 300,000 followers on TikTok, is a resting, street character, without a handle, a fan of chupi, partying and Chaco For Ever.

“Sometimes I walk down the street and the ladies ask me for photos and tell me that the husband watches my videos all day,” El Ñery tells NO. Ernst started internet humor in early 2022 and, like so many others, he made videos to have fun with his friends, without much aspirations. “If someone saw them I would be ashamed,” he confesses.

The one that worked the most for him was one in which he teaches how to “break ice” without the need to “use knives”.. There, he explodes a full bottle of water on the ground and, in two hits, gets ice. “After that video they began to send me from different provinces showing that they could do it too,” he says. The #hielochallenge, they named it.

Changarín, tormenting and very, very funny, El Ñery shows his daily life in his videos, without so many twists. “What I like the most about Ñery is that, Being in character, I can tell you things without a filter, directly“, he assures. And, by the way, he thinks that yes, there is a coastal humor: “It is the same as in most of Argentina, we just express ourselves differently“.

Despite his millions of views, his countless followers and his striking arrival, Ernst does not live on comedy or its content. In his words: “I’m starving if I have to live in humor. There are people who think I have money. What am I going to have? If it’s all an exchange of clothes, glasses and stuff”.

His main objective with all this is to make people laugh “even for 15 seconds”, so that whoever looks at him forgets “at least for a little while” about their problems. Ernst is funny even to send WhatsApp audios, it comes out like this, it must be a gift: “I already see the comments in the note: ‘Lazy, annoying, grab a shovel and stop fucking with those videos'”.

► La Jenny, a rage in La Feliz

Let’s say it fast and let’s say it loud: For weeks Wali Iturriaga has been exhausting all his performances in Mar del Plata, the most popular summer event in the country. “Carlos Rottemberg told me that this had not happened since the days of Olmedo and Gasalla at their best,” Iturriaga said before the NO. So things, his work Jenny, of course I do. nail sold-out sign every night and, now, he had to add a double performance… at the Neptuno Theatre, which has 1,100 seats!

With a past dedicated to fitness, Wali got fully into comedy about five years ago. He started in his native Corrientes but some time ago he moved to Buenos Aires (“Where God attends”, Iturriaga dixit). In the beginning of it, took his first steps with Cachilo, the caricature of a Corrientes villero. And, taking advantage of his popularity, he threw centers for various solidarity movements. “In the first year we got about 400 wheelchairs for people in the neighborhoods.”

Immediately, Cachilo’s videos began to be posted on all the networks, but it was one of La Jenny, his most famous characterthe one that blew everything up: “It was one I did with the WhatsApp group of the school moms, which continues to go around to this day.” A month later, Iturriaga was filling all the theaters in Buenos Aires.

By case, Jenny was born from a Zumba class, in which Wali nailed a cotillion wig and sent some videos. He wore that wig for a long time and, with the consummate success, he decided to leave it as a thank you to Gauchito Gil, a popular saint from his family. “For the people of Corrientes it is a very important tradition,” he comments. With La Jenny, Wali goes through, summarizes and stirs up daily issues of the couple and relies on the Guarani language. “My grandmother is Paraguayan, I didn’t even know that she was going to have all this explosion,” she confesses.

His humor, which reaches millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok, compresses different generations: couples, kids, school moms, everyone. “Jenny is a super natural and very popular character.” And with her idioms, Iturriaga assumes that there is a coastal humor: “We are very close to the Guarani language and there is a different imprint, which those of us in the area understand. Each time it opens up a little more and people are capturing that humor and that way that is so ours”.

With an audience made up mainly of women, the adventures of Juan Carlos, La Jenny and their family made Iturriaga one of the most sought-after comedians in the country. “Today I can live in humor. I have been in theater for four years. He started very crazy. But, once he started, he never stopped. And I never had an empty theater. We break records everywhere“he points out.

And shortly, after finishing with this tidal wave of tickets from Mar del Plata, will face an international tour to Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, the United States and part of Europe. “What I do is a passion, I searched for it all my life. Although I dedicated myself to something else, I knew that it was going to happen. She had art in her veins“, close.

► La Luchona goes to the front

Since I was very young, Enrique Maldini He was the clown at school, elementary school, catechism, high school, neighborhood carnivals, anywhere he painted, but he became known through Facebook, where he uploaded videos and made live broadcasts. There he garnered his own fandom. By case, Her character La Luchona burst in mid-2018 when ANSES released a loan for mothers. “There, in a video, she showed a ‘fighting dad’ that she could also go out and it was all the rage”says the humorist from Corrientes to NO.

“La Luchona always pretends to be someone she is not,” explains Maldini. And, in her videos, La Luchona is bragging, getting into borrowed vehicles, asking questions of her ex-husband, her mother-in-law and her sister-in-law. “La Luchona became a very popular character in Corrientes and Chaco. He is a character very loved by young people and children because he visits hospitals, soup kitchens and people who suffer from floods.. So she won the affection of the people.”

Maldini also points out that his mood, the litoral one, has some differences with respect to that of Buenos Aires: “We are very autochthonous in the way of speaking. We mix Guaraní with Castilian. We show our customs.” In fact, La Luchona is a very chamecero character, very much from the carnival and usually goes to the Gauchito Gil party, on the waterfront. “We have our things very ingrained.”

Among its most common public are also what Maldini calls “The Luchonas who fought with their husbands” and use their videos to drop hints and “the older people who started using Facebook, 50 or 60 years old, and you don’t get them anymore”. La Luchona usually performs live on birthdays of older adults and bachelor parties. And thanks to his versatility, Enrique Maldini managed to live off humor: “It’s because La Luchona has a repertoire for all ages. Before I didn’t do anything, and La Luchona became my job“.

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