Dragon Ball Super: Trunks creates a new attack technique after decades without seeing anything similar

A new technique worthy of a Saiyaman vigilante.

Trunks is one of the protagonists of the new arc of Dragon Ball Super

Despite this new drift of Dragon Ball Super towards the romantic comedy genre that the creator of the manga himself, Toyotarou, said, Dragon Ball is and will always be remembered for its epic battles and incredible abilities, like the Kamehameha or the Spirit Bomb. Techniques that have remained in the collective imagination for decades, but it is equally true that the series has not been for quite some time. proposes new techniques that deviate from the norm. Until now.

The latest episode of the Dragon Ball manga features a surprising new technique invented with Trunks, the first for a long time. Warning, this story contains spoilers for episode 89 of the Dragon Ball mangaso if you do not want to know any details about it, you can stop reading right now.

New Trunks technique in Dragon Ball Super

As we previously anticipated, in past issues of Dragon Ball Super, Trunks and Goten had derailed Dr. Gedo’s plans by destroying his laboratory and his first generation of androids, Alpha, although later, a second generation android, Beta, infiltrated in his institute. In this Dragon Ball Super episode 89Unsurprisingly, Beta causes trouble and ends up kidnapping Mai on a robot. In order to stop him without harming Mai, Trunks uses a new technique known as “High pressure”which appears to be a sharp current of air that ends up blowing Beta’s robot to pieces (via Screenrant).

New Trunks technique in Dragon Ball Super

New Trunks technique in Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super anticipates the return of Goku’s greatest ally

It is not the most innovative, spectacular or powerful technique in the Dragon Ball universe, but it does fit very well with this proposal of Trunks and Goten’s vigilante superheroes as Saiyaman X1 and X2. A technique that is a bit out of the usual canon of techniques based on the materialization of ki in the form of waves, disks, rays, etc. Something more “natural”, more of being poor at home. We’ll see what else Trunks and Goten surprise with in this more than interesting arc of Dragon Ball Super, Goten, as one of the saiyans with the most potential in the universe, may also come up with a new technique soon.

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