Citizens' allowance: Dentist's costs, clothing and furnishings - you're entitled to that!

At the turn of the year, the old Hartz 4 system was replaced by the new citizens’ income. This should bring some benefits. The aim is to improve opportunities for further training and increase allowances.

The standard rate has also increased by 53 euros as of January 1, 2023. Single adults receive 502 euros per month. But for many, even that is not enough – you are entitled to these subsidies!

Citizens’ allowance: This is how you can save additional costs!

For people on low incomes or those receiving basic income, 100 percent of the costs for standard care at the dentist are covered. Often, however, there are additional costs for insured persons at the dentist, which they have to bear themselves with a personal contribution. However, recipients of citizen’s benefit have the option of reducing these costs or avoiding them completely by submitting a hardship application.

Anyone below a certain gross income limit is entitled to it. This is calculated according to the household members: for single people this is 1,358 euros, with another household member it is 1,867.25 euros. The amount increases by EUR 339.50 for each additional member.

In order to receive the hardship subsidy, either the dentist himself can note on the treatment and cost plan that there is a case of hardship or a corresponding application must be submitted to the health insurance company.

Citizens’ allowance: Jobcenter has to bear the costs for vocational school clothing

Applications for workwear from those receiving citizenship benefit are often rejected by the job center. But not always right. Because: If there is a shortfall in the need, the job center has to pay in many cases.

The state social court of Lower Saxony-Bremen (LSG) has decided for the first time that the job center must bear the full cost of purchasing clothing for vocational school – regardless of the statutory flat rate for school supplies. In many cases, the job center referred to these, which should also be used to buy workwear.

A student whose family received Hartz IV benefits needed a cooking outfit worth 115 euros at the beginning of the vocational school. The job center rejected the application and referred to the lump sum already paid. But: According to the LSG, this only includes “personal equipment such as satchels and gym equipment as well as materials for writing, arithmetic and drawing”. The court agreed with the student and ordered the job center to bear the costs.

Citizens’ allowance: the job center has to pay for a cot

The job center provides you with one-time support for the initial furnishing of your apartment – either with money or with vouchers. So if you are moving into your own apartment for the first time and do not yet own any furniture or household appliances, you will receive one-time help from the job center.

But: If, for example, a child has outgrown its bed and needs a new one, this can also count as “initial equipment” and the costs for it can be covered by the job center. In the case of an informal application for the benefit, you must list all the items that you would like to have replaced – i.e. not only the bed frame, but also the mattress that went with it.

Citizens’ allowance: A job is also part of the initial equipment

Another piece of furniture can also be financed by the job center. As the Berlin Social Court ruled in a judgment, children do not have to do their homework at a dining table – they have the right to their own desk. The job for students whose parents receive money from the job center is also part of the initial furnishing of the apartment and is thus taken over by the office.

Also interesting:

In some cases, a chair and a desk lamp are approved in addition to the desk – but these items must be specified with the application.

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