Only in Sonora, there are nine people who receive medical follow-up for having been in contact with a dog whose rabies infection has already been confirmed.

Through a statement, the Ministry of Health issued an epidemiological notice on human rabies. Something that it was thought would no longer be necessary, taking into consideration that, in 2019, Mexico was the first country in the world to be validated by the WHO for having eliminated human rabies (transmitted by dogs) as a public health problem.

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So what happens? Well, much of the weight to give this epidemiological warning is due to the aforementioned case of rabies detected in a dog in Sonora, which has nine people under the watchful eye of the Health authorities.

“The antigenic characterization identified is the V7 variant associated with the gray fox, which confirms that the dog was attacked by a wildlife animal that infected it with rabiesexplains the Ministry of Health in its statement.

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But not only in Sonora. The National Committee for Epidemiological Surveillance (CONAVE) issued the Epidemiological Notice of Human Rabies due, also, to the confirmed contagion of a person by a cat, which had no history of vaccination.

In addition, the Ministry of Health points out, “There is a notification of two confirmed cases (one by laboratory and another by epidemiological association), and one probable, followed by the notification of three more suspects in January 2023 for assault by bat”.

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Although all cases have their severity index, the most worrisome is that of Sonora, since, according to The country, after confirming the contagion of the nine people who were in contact with the rabid dog, We would be facing the first cases in Mexico of rabies due to contact with dogs since 2005.

In addition, we must not fail to point out that rabies in humans has a fatality rate of 100%, according to the Spanish newspaper. So far there is no specific treatment, therefore, Given the risk of exposure, what is recommended is the application of the human rabies vaccine and rabies immunoglobulin.

Of course, prior to a medical consultation.

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Human rabies is a zoonosis —animal disease transmitted to people by direct contagion with the sick animal—, which It causes acute and progressive encephalitis. It can manifest itself in a furious or paralytic way. The neurological phase presents with lapses of lucidity and delirium, rapid breathing, paralysis of the cranial, muscular-cardiac and respiratory nerves.”, explain the health authorities.

With this epidemiological warning, the Ministry of Health makes all the medical units, epidemiological surveillance units and the National Network of Public Health Laboratories look out for any suspected case of rabies. All instances, in theory, already know what to do, based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

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