Unfortunately, in this life we ​​are all exposed to an assault. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, we are always prone to a lover of foreign things arriving to want to take our things. However, believe it or not, there are those who escape it thanks to the fact that the planets almost align in their favor and even anonymous heroes appear, like a puppy that rescued its owner in a similar situation (HERE we tell you about it). Such is the case of A young woman, who said that she was saved from a robbery thanks to a simple and simple soft drink, is not a joke.

It turns out that recently the story of a TikTok user named Mayra Rubí began to go viral. Through a video published on the famous platform, The girl told her followers that one ordinary day, she was alone attending to her food business. Everything was calm –so much so that he even began to study and do things with her tablet while he waited for clients to arrive–, but it was just at that moment when a man with a rather strange and suspicious attitude appeared at his premises.

Young man tells that he was saved from an assault thanks to... a soft drink?
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Believe it or not, this young woman said that a soft drink saved her from an assault

To give you an idea of ​​how things were, The young woman mentions that the subject introduced himself and as soon as she saw him she realized that they were going to rob her (because you know, there are those who can tell their intentions from miles away). That is why when noticing his presence -and that he even brought a stick-, decided to quickly hide his valuables under the counter without the guy noticingbecause Mayra preferred that she take the money and not her phone or tablet.

This girl was right because the man applied the typical phrase of “you already know it”, which indicated that in effect, they wanted to take the money from his business. However, at that precise moment something very strange happened, because Mayra Rubí mentioned that the lover of others asked her to give him all the wool and a glass of water (the rat is also thirsty, listen). But instead of giving him what he demanded, he asked the subject if he would not prefer to have a soda. The guy accepted and as incredible as it may seem, he thanked him for the chesco and left without taking anything… just as they read it. Here is the video for you to check out:

As we mentioned above, this young woman’s story quickly went viral on TikTok, where several users commented on it. And without a doubt, most came to the conclusion that it was not the soft drink as such that saved her from the assault, but the kindness with which she treated the pickpocket. So now you know, the next time you feel that you are going to be robbed, take with you –as far as possible– a chesco, because you never know when a strike can throw you.

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