Axel Kicillof announced loans to SMEs for $10.5 billion

In this way, the Province will provide loans for small and medium-sized companies, cooperatives and small entrepreneurs, in support of the Buenos Aires productive sector. In this regard, Quattromo highlighted that the credits of the Bank province towards production went from 28% in 2019 to the current 52%.

When we took over, Banco Provincia was the main holder of national speculative credit instruments, the Leliq in particular; I mean, what good was the bank? The province of Buenos Aires lent not to the productive sectors but to the national government that was involved in that speculative ball“, described Axel Kicillof about the transformation of the profile of the Buenos Aires public bank.

In this line, José de Mendiguren valued the credit to SMEsand affirmed: “When one looks at what is happening in Argentina, it is to be surprised. Because of the political decision and the course, which is where there can be no doubt. What is under debate is which model of the country we want: financial recovery or the productive model.”

“In a crisis as deep as that of 2020, I attended the largest rescue in the history of the public sector to the productive sector. The industry is generating growth again today, investment is at 22% of GDP,” recalled the national official.

And he fired: “We know that the previous policy that was applied, with all the promises that there were, the concrete result was that in four years of management, in three the economy fell and we ended up with a country defaulted on pesos. So today Taking advice from those who taught us to crash is like Jack The Ripper talking about cosmetic surgery..”

Political trial of the Supreme Court of Justice

The governor Axel Kicillof referred to the criminal complaint that he filed this Wednesday against Silvio Robles, spokesman for the president of the Supreme Court, and the Buenos Aires Minister of Justice and Security, Marcel D’Alessandro, and said that “if these chats are false (…) This issue is over in 2 minutes.”

“Today we are asking the federal courts to investigate. As a governor and public employee, I have the obligation that if I observe that there is illegal conduct, I have the duty to report it. If these chats are false, any of those who traveled to Lago Escondido takes the phone to Justice and that’s it. This matter is over in two minutes. They appear before Justice and say that this is false,” he hurried.

The provincial president emphasized the consequences of the Supreme Court ruling that benefited the Buenos aires city with more co-participating funds, and maintained that “it is something very harmful for the Argentine provinces”.

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“Macri took office and a month later, by decree, he almost tripled the resources of the City of Buenos Aires without foundation. When they asked the Minister of the Interior, he said it was because of an electoral promise, he did not even talk about the transfer of the security force That is what happened. Then they say that they are going to correct it and they associate it with the transfer of the police,” he recalled.

And he added: “When this national government takes over, nothing was taken from it, it returns to 1.40% of the co-participating mass, and by law it is resolved that it transfer the funds to pay the security forces, which have much higher salaries. higher than the rest. That law is the one that, assuming its powers, the Supreme Court suspends. It suspends a law and creates another, which sets the percentage at 2.95%. Now the Court imposes decrees. It’s a scandal.”

We ask the Court to be amicus curiae. He did not call us, they did not listen to us. And then he issued the ruling that had been announced so many times, without listening to anyone, absolutely illegal. And then, due to journalistic leaks, it seems that it was a concerted ruling between the CABA Minister of Justice and the president of the Court, Rossatti“said Axel Kicillof.

And he closed: “Today they asked me for sewers, routes, schools, credit and you know what, per inhabitant the resources of the province of Buenos Aires are less than a third of those of the City of Buenos Aires. And the truth is that in our Province “There are places where there is no gas network, there are no sewers, there are places where there are no hospitals or schools. Someone explain to me why they are going to take money from the Province and give it to the City.”

Off-shore oil in the Argentine Sea

The Federal Court of Appeals of Mar del Plata authorized this Wednesday oil exploration in the Argentine Sea, after the precautionary measures that had been filed by different environmental organizations, with the support of the mayor of General Pueyrredón, William Montenegro.

In this regard, Axel Kicillof celebrated the court ruling and said that “we have a Ministry of the Environment that, together with the Nation, is working so that the risks are minimal”; while he maintained that Equinorthe Norwegian company that partnered with YPF for exploration work, “this is a company with a lot of experience.”

“It is not true that there is a contradiction between productive activities and the environment, there are international standards that guarantee it. Ghosts stirred. We have to find natural products and, with due environmental guarantees, exploit them for national production. It would be the only country that finds oil and is sad,” said Axel Kicillof.

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