What you see first will define your dominant features / jagranjosh.com

Optical illusions can be an interesting tool for learning about character traits that we often had no idea about. It happens that solving such tests allows you to look at yourself differently, to reveal previously hidden fears or dreams.

The picture below does just that. This is an optical illusion that will allow you to determine certain features of your character. If you are not sure whether you are more of a homebody, for whom a warm blanket and tea in your favorite mug are one of the greatest pleasures, or whether sitting in one place for too long is not for you, take the picture test below.

What you see first will define your dominant traits

The task is to identify what you see in the picture. So look at it and don’t analyze what you see, just say what you thought first. Are they snow-covered mountains with coniferous trees, or did your face catch your eye first?

What you see first will define your dominant features / jagranjosh.com

Photo: jagranjosh.com / Ofeminin


If the first thing you see is the mountains, it means that you feel best at home. You value stability, peace and predictability every day. This gives you a sense of security. You are not a big fan of travel, you get tired of being away from home for a long time.


If you noticed the face first, it means that you don’t like staying in one place for too long, you are a born traveler. You are not afraid of changes and take advantage of opportunities. You are curious about the world and people, you easily make new friends. You are also reluctant to spend money on trinkets, preferring to surround yourself with things that are practical.

Source: jagranjosh.com

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