Giants hoist themselves to second place thanks to victory against Bergen next to Ostend

Ostend has qualified first for the final of the Belgian Cup. The coast team could afford a 13-point defeat in a strong Charleroi after winning the first leg. Liège took an option on the final on Sunday, but Antwerp reversed the roles at home.

1/2nd finals
away Ostend Charleroi 92-76
Shutter Antwerp Giants 72-59
back Charleroi Ostend 87-74
Antwerp Giants Shutter 91-60
  1. 00:50. Antwerp still turns roles against Liège. The Giants had lost 72-59 in Liège on Sunday, but went home looking for the final ticket. With 91-60 they more than made up for those 13 loss points. In the final, Antwerp will face Ostend on Sunday 12 March in Vorst Nationaal, which knocked Charleroi out of the tournament in the semi-finals. Antwerp is in the final for the seventh time, it also won it in 2007, 2019 and 2020. Ostend already has twenty cups in its trophy cabinet, the last of which was won in 2021. Last year it had to leave the cup to Limburg United. .
  2. 00 hours 49. Figures Antwerp-Liège 91-60. Quarters: 30-20, 22-11, 23-15, 16-14. Top shooters Antwerp: Bradford 15, Mwema,14 Upshaw 14, Butterfield 13 Top shooters Liège: Dragan 19, Bogaerts 14 .
  3. 26-01-2023.
  4. 5 pm 27. Ostend survives thriller in Charleroi. Ostend has qualified first for the final of the Belgian Cup. The coastal team played with fire in Charleroi, but could eventually afford a 13-point defeat: 87-74. Ostend had won the first leg by 16 points and in the 1st half both teams more or less kept pace. But in the 3rd quarter, Charleroi shifted up a gear and thanks to a strong tandem Jackson-Lisboa, the home team was virtually in the final after 30 minutes. In a nerve-racking final quarter, it could go either way and the dime fell on the side of the visitors. With 8 seconds left and with the score tied over the 2 games, Vrenz Bleijenbergh hit a three-pointer for 87-74. Ostend placed virtually and Charleroi needed a three-pointer in the last seconds to enforce extra time, but star Jackson was unable to get a shot. Charleroi leaves the cup tournament with their heads held high, Ostend can go to the final. .
  5. 17:26. We’re almost losing here, that shouldn’t happen. Vrenz Bleijenbergh.
  6. 5 pm 24. Bleijenbergh: “Hopefully against Giants in final”.

    Bleijenbergh: “Hopefully against Giants in final”

  7. 5:11pm. This hurts, but I’m still proud of my boys. Charleroi coach Sam Rotsaert.
  8. 5 pm 10 pm. Sam Rotsaerts: “Congratulations to Ostend”.

    Sam Rotsaerts: “Congratulations to Ostend”

  9. 5 pm 20. Charleroi – Ostend 87-74 (half time: 38-35). Quarters: 25-23, 13-12, 30-14, 19-25 Charleroi top scorers: Jackson 30, Lisboa 17, Schoepen 8 Ostend top scorers: Gillet 16, Tyree 13, Bleijenbergh 9, Troisfontaines 9, Van der Vuurst 9 .
  10. 4:53 pm. Liège takes option on cup final. Liège won its first leg in the semi-finals with a two-day delay. In the match that was postponed on Friday due to the snowfall, the home team was stronger than a mediocre Antwerp: 72-59. Liège was already in a seat after the 1st quarter, with a lead of 7 points. The Giants underperformed, especially from behind the three-point line (4 on 31) and could no longer avoid defeat. In the final quarter it was Liège player Niels Van den Eynde, who was forwarded to Antwerp last year, who unleashed his devils with a few three-pointers and thus ensured a bonus of 13 points. The Giants have to go full steam ahead in the return game on Wednesday. .
  11. 4 pm 51. Liège – Antwerp Giants 72-59 (halftime: 34-26). Quarters: 20-13, 14-13, 16-13, 22-20 Top shooters Liège: Rodriguez 19, Van den Eynde 17, John 10 Top shooters Antwerp: Mwema 14, De Ridder 12, Bradford 11 .
  12. 22-01-2023.
  13. 22:31. Ostend takes the first step towards the final. Ostend did an excellent job in the first leg against Charleroi in the semi-finals of the Cup of Belgium basketball.  The coastal team started with its foot on the accelerator and was already 15 points ahead after the first quarter. Also in the second quarter there was no measure on the team of coach Dario Gjergja, at halftime it was 62-33. Charleroi had to close the gap, but Ostend also continued to dominate in the third quarter (81-51), but the machine stalled in the last period.  Charleroi was eventually able to soften to a 92-76 final score, so the argument is not yet completely settled. The second leg will take place in Charleroi on Sunday. .
  14. 7:43 pm. Liège-Giants has been postponed to Sunday. The winter weather also plagues the semi-finals of the Belgian Cup basketball. The first leg between Liège and the Antwerp Giants is canceled tonight and will be moved to Sunday. Ostend-Charleroi will take place tonight. .
  15. 20-01-2023.
  16. 11 pm 12. Ostend past cup holder Limburg United . Ostend has qualified for the semi-finals of the Belgian Cup basketball. It did so by beating cupholder Limburg United 98-87 in a reissue of last year’s final. In the first leg, the coast team suffered a narrow 73-70 defeat on Friday. The semi-finals will be played on the weekend of January 21 and 22. Ostend then takes on Charleroi, which eliminated Kangaroos Mechelen on Sunday. Liège and Antwerp face each other in the other semi-final. The final will take place in Vorst Nationaal on Sunday 12 March. The day before, the women also play their final there. .
  17. 13-12-2022.
  18. 7 pm 07. Through Charleroi and Liège. Just like Antwerp, Charleroi has made up for the loss at home. In Mechelen it became 87-75, but those 12 points managed to catch up at home: 90-74. Quarters: 21-17, 24-22, 18-14, 27-21). At Charleroi, Samardzic and Libert were the top scorers with 15 points, at Mechelen Aririguzoh was the best with 17 points. Liège won its home game of game 1 (92-78) in Brussels, where it drew 79-79. Quarters: 20-17, 20-14, 16-25, 23-23). At Brussels, Zylka was the most accurate with 22 points, ahead of Deroover’s 21. Top scorer of the match was Van Den Eynde from Liège with 23 points. .
  19. 17:29. Mwema: “Going through to the final would give us a boost”.

    Mwema: “Moving through to the final would give us a boost”

  20. 5:27 pm. Casteels: “One of the biggest disappointments of my entire career”.

    Casteels: “One of the biggest disappointments of my career”

  21. 5:15 pm. This is painful. The responsibility here lies primarily with the players. This is one of the biggest disappointments of my career. Eddy Casteels, coach Leuven Bears.
  22. 5:15 pm. Watch the fourth quarter between Antwerp Giants and Leuven Bears.

    Watch the fourth quarter between Antwerp Giants and Leuven Bears

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