Anastasia Myskina: Andrey failed to emotionally approach the match against Djokovic

“What can I say about the match between Andrei Rublev and Djokovic? I was in a lot of pain, I was very worried. I watched some part of the match, it seems to me that it does not quite reflect the easy score, relatively easy. There was a struggle in every game, probably after the difficult match that he had, Andrey did not manage to emotionally approach the match against Djokovic more freshly. It seemed to me that the very emotions that would have forced Andryusha to play more actively, to move more, in my opinion, were not enough. Undoubtedly, Djokovic, this is Djokovic, he was flawless today, although we all talked about his injury, many people really claimed that it was a trick. Nevertheless, he came out today absolutely fresh, absolutely full of energy. We saw it, so I wish Andrei further victories, good luck. This is the very beginning of an interesting tennis season, ”Myskina told Sovetsky Sport correspondent Daria Savinova.

Peggy McColl

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