"All About My Mother": Lisbon Chamber rejects transphobia or discrimination

The vote was presented by the councilor for Culture, Diogo Moura (CDS-PP), at the public meeting of the chamber, following the protest that took place on Thursday night, when the actress and transvestite performer Keyla Brasil, with shouts of “transfake ” and “off stage”, jumped from the audience to the stage of Teatro São Luiz, managed by the municipality, interrupting the play “Tudo sobre a minha Mãe”.

Considering that “the accusation of transphobia or discrimination is profoundly unfair”, the Lisbon Chamber’s vote of solidarity recognizes all citizens the right to demonstrate, “understanding, however, that this freedom cannot jeopardize the freedom of creation art, freedom of choice and access to a profession, the right to work and the right to cultural enjoyment”.

Among the 17 members of the chamber, the vote was made possible with three votes against – one from BE, one from Livre and one from councilwoman Paula Marques (from Cidadãos Por Lisboa, elected by the PS/Livre coalition) -, seven abstentions – four from PS , two from the PCP and one from the independent Floresbela Pinto (from Cidadãos Por Lisboa, elected by the PS/Livre coalition) – and the favorable votes of the seven elected members of the “Novos Tempos” coalition PSD/CDS-PP/MPT/PPM/Aliança).

Justifying the vote against, the BE councilor, Beatriz Gomes Dias, expressed solidarity with transgender people, who suffer from exclusion, violence and lack of opportunities in the job market, and the elected Paula Marques said she understands the protest for representativeness in the occupation of the public place.

PS councilor Cátia Rosas said that the topic “is a bit complex” and “it is difficult to come to such simple conclusions”, while PCP councilor Ana Jara stressed that “this episode raised a problem in the public debate that cannot be ignored: the lack of investment in culture and the lack of access to work for all artistic workers”.

Endorsed by the elected members of the “Novos Tempos” coalition, the approved vote expresses solidarity “with all theater professionals, namely those responsible for production, staging and those most directly linked to the art of acting, recognizing their freedom of artistic creation, the freedom of choice and access to the profession, the right to work, and with the public, who have the right to cultural enjoyment”.

With this vote, the chamber refutes “absolutely the accusation that the play ‘Tudo Sobre a Minha Mãe’, with its initial cast, constitutes any discriminatory gesture, as well as regrets the untimely act of interruption of the representation, which occurred on the last day January 19, at Teatro São Luiz”.

The play “Tudo Sobre a Minha Mãe”, with a text by Samuel Adamson, based on the film by Pedro Almodôvar with the same title, and staging by Daniel Gorjão, a co-production Teatro do Vai, Rivoli Teatro Municipal do Porto and São Luiz Teatro Municipal , was on stage at Teatro São Luiz, from the 11th of January until last Sunday.

Following the protest on Thursday, director Daniel Gorjão announced the inclusion in the cast of trans actress Maria João Vaz to play the role of Lola in the play “Tudo sobre a minha Mãe”.

The cast already included the trans actress Gaya de Medeiros, in the performance of the character Agrado.

At issue, however, was the role of Lola, a trans woman, the protagonist’s ex-husband. After the protest, Maria João Vaz replaced André Patrício, a cisgender actor who appeared almost at the end as Lola. From the 27th to the 29th of January, the play will be at Teatro Municipal do Porto — Campo Alegre.

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