2022 was a great year for animated movies. And one that was definitely one of the best in its field, is that of the Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.

The truth is that the tape was a pleasant surprise in many ways… Being part of the franchise of Shrekwhich we miss a lot and continue to enjoy for more years to come, the expectation was about how entertaining this new installment would be (the second with the feline as the protagonist) was high.

Why is 'Puss in Boots 2' one of the best films in the Shrek universe?
Movie poster. Photo: DreamWorks.

And you have to be honest because it’s not only fun, but it also stands out in other technical aspects as well as in the same story that they show us on the screen.

So it’s fair to say: this – mentally insert the Mads Mikkelsen smoking meme – is real cinema, hehe. We review here why the Puss in Boots: The Last Wish It’s one of the best movies in the universe. Shrek.

a cool animation

The first movie of Puss in Boots It arrived in 2011 and for that moment, as expected, the animation style was used (with its obvious best due to the technology at hand) that we had already seen in the previous films of Shrek.

But now, with this second part of the feline’s individual story, dreamworks he ventured to refresh that technical part with a different animation. In this sense, the film gives an air of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-versewith a different technology based on images with very vivid colors and striking pictorial animations (although without completely discarding the format of the franchise that we knew).

If you have already seen it, you will have realized how great the action and combat sequences are in this animated format.

Curious fact: bob perschettiwho was one of the directors of that animated movie of spider-man, I was going to direct this installment of the Cat. However, he was replaced by Joel Crawford in early 2021.

‘Puss in Boots 2’ has a villain that breaks the mold of the franchise

All the movies in the franchise Shrek (maybe not so much the third part focused on the ogre hehe) they have left us very cool antagonistic characters; one of those that we still remember after a long time and that we continue to see in one or another meme. But in the Puss in Boots 2possibly we see the most threatening of this entire cinematographic universe.

The Wolf, who is the physical incarnation of Deathis shown as an enemy who comes to collect the last life of our feline hero, tired of the latter wasting his eight past lives of frivolously feeling like a legend, being selfish and believing that he could postpone the inevitable. And it is that despite being an animated film, this character does not base his charisma on humor, but on the fact that he is really intimidating, cruel with his comments and quite provocative.

Yes, we know… the Fairy Godmother of Shrek 2 she was also pretty loose all of a sudden, but she was pretty funny. The Wolf certainly breaks the mold of the comic villain.

Why is 'Puss in Boots 2' one of the best films in the Shrek universe?
Illustrative image of the film. Photo: DreamWorks.

The secondary characters are the best (and Perrito steals the show)

In a good movie, there are usually one or two supporting roles that stand out. But in the second part of Puss in Bootsthere are several and each of them shines at the level of protagonist.

Goldilocks and the Three Bearswho are antagonists who recompose the path; Jack Hornerwho is the antagonist with comic relief; kitty softpaws who is again the rude love interest of the Cat… they are all a gem.

But there is no doubt that Puppy is the best of the secondary characters. He is the noblest, the funniest, the most tender, the one who softens everyone’s life and heart with his tragic origin story but unbridled optimism for life. It’s impossible to resist his charm, really.

Why is 'Puss in Boots 2' one of the best films in the Shrek universe?
Illustrative image of the film. Photo: DreamWorks.

The plot and motivation of Puss in Boots is touching

He has already said it Guillermo del Toro now that he also breaks it with pinocchio: animation is not a children’s genre, even though some moviegoers and even filmmakers insist on demeriting it. Y Puss in Boots: The Last WishIt is also a sign that animated films serve to carry a good message

Fearing death and knowing that he only has one life left, our hero searches for a magical way to regain his longevity and confidence to return to being the legend he was before. There are plenty of selfish motives involved with him, but there comes a time when must accept his mortality.

And this is how he realizes that even if he has one life left, it is worth living and risking it for your loved onesconvincingly giving up his egomaniacal personality for good.

Why is 'Puss in Boots 2' one of the best films in the Shrek universe?
Illustrative image of the film. Photo: DreamWorks.

SPOILER ALERT: That final scene and the little flashbacks, Will they be a reference to a possible new Shrek movie? The networks are crazy about it, but you have to wait for it to be announced… if it’s the plan to continue it.

The Shrek universe is once again considered at the Oscars

The first and second films of Shrek were considered at the time for the Oscars, always contending for the statuette for Best Animated Film. Then, with its third and fourth installments, the franchise stopped appearing in the world of animation, showing a significant decline in the stories (although the net 4 rescues a little more than the 3, really).

However, the fall of the franchise was halted with the first installment of the Puss in Bootswhich received an Academy Award nomination at the time again in the Animation section.

And now, more than 10 years after the pussycat with the sword starred in its spin-off, its second part is also in contention for the Best Animated Film statuette, where it competes with the aforementioned Pinocchio, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, The Sea Beast Y turning red. With that, it is already understood that this tape is pure quality. Here below you can see the complete list of nominees for the Oscars 2023.

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