Warlander Review - A very good approach with not so good execution

If the developers know how to listen, and improve accordingly, Warlander will have a good future.

Warlander art.

Multiplayer video games tend to be, in most cases, the most successful at the end of the year. We just have to look back and look at the list of best-selling video games for the year 2022, realizing that Call of Duty, a game that focuses all its attention on the online facet, crowns said list. Of course, there are many exceptions to this statement, starting with the fact that there are single player games that sneak into the top of the best sellers, and ending with the fact that there are many games of this type that never reach the necessary popularity.

I don’t think we have to give examples, because you all know of a multiplayer game that, despite trying to ride the wave of a popular genre, fails to gain the popularity that its creators expected. Now, is about to launch, in early access, Warlander, a multiplayer game that aims to delight all players in the world, since it will also be a free game. We already tested it at the time when we gave you our first impressions, but it is now when we have been able to play it in depth, so we will tell you what we think about it below.

+ Pros

  • A very well thought out progression system, and which links masterfully with the gameplay of the game.
  • A good base at a playable level.
  • Setting very well achieved, standing out especially in the artistic design of the maps.

– Cons

  • The attempt to make the games be controlled ends on deaf ears, causing that most of the time everything ends up being chaos.
  • A monetization system that can cause many problems in the future.

Warlander: all the information

Platform pc
Release date January 24, 2023
developer toylogic
Gender Action, Multiplayer
Idiom Texts in Spanish and voices in English

Warlander was originally announced at the end of 2022, being a multiplayer action title, which would arrive for PC on January 24, 2023, although it will do so in the form of early access. We are talking about a video game developed by Toylogic, which are mainly known for having brought us NieR Replicant. Finally, you should know that we are talking about a game that has the texts in Spanish, but the voices are all in English.

Experience with Warlander

As we have said before, Walander launches on January 24, 2023 in early access, but we have already been able to test it in depth. Next, we will give you all our impressions about this new contender in the PC free to play scene, which is not it will not be easy.

A well-planned progression system, which interacts with the gameplay

This is probably the section that we liked the most about this title during the closed beta, and it is something that we were also able to appreciate when we played it for the first time. At the time, Warlander was presented to us as an innovative gameespecially in the section of progression, and in that we can agree with him.

It is quite difficult to explain, but in essence, we are talking about a progression system that allows you to have stronger characters the more you play the title, and the better you are in the games of course. With this you will say that it is the usual thing, but the best thing comes when we talk about the character system in game, and it is that stronger characters will have a cooldown after dyingand we will even have to unlock some of them during the game by completing different objectives.

This not only helps the game seem innovative, because it certainly is in this sense, it is that they have also managed to make this progression system masterfully influence the gameplay, also achieving, at the same time, that the games are balanced . Many things surprise for good when you put yourself at the controls of this gamebut the truth is that this is the one that manages to do it the most.

Warlander Progression

The progression system manages to surprise quite a bit in this title.

A monetization system that can be dangerous

At the time, when the game was presented to us, it was also made clear to us that it would be a matter of ensuring that in-game purchases did not make it a “pay to win”. Unfortunately, when we were also able to test it at the time, we could not appreciate what these purchases would be like, since they were blocked, but we did we have been able to see them now with the closed beta that we have been able to play

We cannot venture to say that these are going to turn it into a “pay to win”, hence we clarify the fact that it “may be” dangerous. Specifically, we have been able to see how it is possible to acquire weapons and other things that can be equipped for our character, and that therefore influence the damage they do and other attributes, using coins that are bought with real money.

Of course, this is not something that seems to be generalized, because they have to be purchased as in some kind of packs, differing in the fact that weapons can be purchased separately using normal in-game currency. Even so, and taking into account the very interesting balance system that we talked about before, we consider that this could become a problem in the future.

Warlander Setting

The monetization system can be somewhat dangerous for the title’s balance, although we will have to keep a close eye on it to verify it.

An attempt at control that ends up being complete chaos

Now focusing on the gameplay, we are talking about a video game that we could call a kind of medieval Battlefield with magic. It’s not exactly that, of course, but it’s the best simile that we can do with a fairly well-known video game.

Going into more detail, there will be two teams, which will be made up of quite a few players, and each will have a part of the map in principle. The main objective will be to capture certain towers (in the style of the game we talked about earlier), and end up entering the opposing team’s castle. For this, within each team, the players will be divided into different squads that will have certain special taskssuch as attacking, defending, fixing catapults and other things.

This sounds great in practice, but in our experience, this results in very chaotic matchups, where you rarely get to know what you’re doing, especially late in the game. Of course, this will depend on the game, and more specifically on the teammates you meet, so if we have played interesting games, in which we have had a lot of fun, but we have also come to spend all the time thinking about what we were doing and whywhich means that many times you have won but you don’t even know how.

Warlander Gameplay

On most occasions, for one reason or another, the games will end up in complete chaos.

A setting that stands out

Normally, in any analysis, we would talk about the graphics section, at a particularly technical level, but in this case we are not going to go into so much detail, especially since it is a title that will be released in early access. We will only say that technically it is decent in this aspect, but if it is true that optimization could be a bit better.

Now yes, going into what interests us the most, we can say that the setting is well thought out and well executed, being a kind of fantasy medieval. The best thing is that this is very well reflected on the map, which It has a very good design at an artistic levelbut also on a technical level, with many intricacies, but especially highlighting the castles of each team.

Likewise, we have to highlight the soundtrack of the title, which helps a lot during the fighting, although it is true that in long games it can become somewhat repetitive.

Warlander Setting

The setting turns out to be another of the great sections of Warlander.

Warlander Final Rating

There is something that we can say what happens in all the sections of this game, or at least according to what we have tested, and that is that everything seems to be based on a solid and well thought out premise, but the execution ends up not being the most appropriate. This can be seen especially in the gameplay, which, as we have said, can be fun, but in most cases it is more stressful than fun, and not because it is difficult or because the enemies are good, but because it is very difficult to locate yourself.

Of course, we have to take into account that this is early access and as such the developers have plenty of time to make improvements with the community in mind. For this reason, and although it is not the best experience within its genre, I strongly recommend that you try them.

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