Viktor Goncharenko: Oblyakov was called my son

In 2016, Ivan Oblyakov, a pupil of the Zenit sports school, went to play in Ufa, where Goncharenko soon appeared.

– When I came to Ufa, Vanya was already there, – Viktor Mikhailovich said in an interview on Avtoradio. – He, in my opinion, was not yet 18 years old. I liked him from the first training session, it was clear that a good player could grow out of a guy. He is efficient, with good movement, a good left foot, he did everything with great desire. Such players always cause sympathy.

Ivan Oblyakov was still playing in Ufa, and in Moscow the question of his transfer to CSKA was already being decided. The same Viktor Goncharenko, who became the new mentor of the army, called him to the capital. According to Nina Ivanovna Oblyakova, the athlete’s mother, everything was decided very quickly and unexpectedly:

– Vanya was waiting for this issue to be resolved. Probably, Viktor Mikhailovich invited him to CSKA with him, but in Ufa they resolved the issue with the contract, and they decided it for a very long time. Margarita (Vanya’s sister) and I were just in Ufa at that time, and dad was at home, Nina Ivanovna recalled. – Vanya did not come after the game, he remained to decide the issue of the contract: when, what, where. You know, the contract is like that. We are waiting for him at home, we have prepared a festive dinner, Vanya is still not there. You have to go to bed already, he comes running: “That’s it, I signed the contract, I’m flying to Moscow.” “Well, how is it, Vanya? We’ve got everything ready, we’re waiting for you.” “I don’t have time, I pack my bag and run.” And flies away.

Mom and sister didn’t even have time to leave Ufa when they saw Vanya’s CSKA match on TV.

– We were very surprised. We call him: “Vanya, how is it? Why didn’t you tell us anything?” Answers: “And I myself did not know that I would play.” That’s how Viktor Mikhailovich took him to CSKA, – the footballer’s mother shared.

After that, the guy was suspected of being Viktor Goncharenko’s favorite. Moreover, a version arose that Ivan is the son of a coach and that is why he is always in the game. In fact, the young footballer comes from the village of Vyndin Ostrov in the Leningrad region. The fifth child in a family where my mother worked as a seamstress in a rural House of Life and worked as a hairdresser, and my father is a tractor driver, driver and sports enthusiast who organized an amateur football team. In this village team, Vanya began his career in football. Before the game, the field pitted with moles had to be leveled again each time.

– The fact that Vanya was called and continues to be called my son, you know that, right? Because if a person was with you in Ufa and then comes to the next team, in any case they will say that you are dragging him. The press criticized me and the press very much for this, but then Vanya proved with his game that he was doing himself as a player, and he himself deserved to play in CSKA, ”Viktor Goncharenko said in the Mom Knows Everything program on Avtoradio.

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