VIDEO.  Japonés exposes "weird things" of Mexican culture that everyone loves

To talk about Mexico is to mention tourist beaches, memorable landscapes, famous from the golden age, however, in recent days a Japanese exhibited “weird things” of Mexican culture that everyone lovesfor which, Internet users began to comment on it.

Mexican gastronomy is one of the richest in the world, due to its culinary techniques that make traditions feel, dishes from different regions of the country that make you feel the unique seasoning, however, an influencer from Japan was curious to record a video call, “5 strange things that are normal in Mexico”.

Japanese Kentaro Sensei, who shares travel tips and teaches Japanese, released a clip titled, “What’s your culture shock?”

At the top of the list he mentioned, “drink beer with chili”, while he was seen drinking an alcoholic drink, with the frosty edge of spicy powder, which in the Aztec land, are conical like micheladas.

In number 2 he says “cross the street with a red light and the police don’t care”, while documenting that someone was crossing the street, despite the fact that the traffic light indicated that it was not their turn yet.

To continue with the list and the Mexican culture, he showed that “people drink mango with chili”; which is usually called mangoneadas. Likewise, one of the things that he fails to understand is that people eat the oriental dish sushi, with chili.

He even recalled an experience, “no one pronounces the h”, this by showing the time he went to a restaurant and by handing him his glass, instead of writing, “Kentaro”; they placed, “Gentaro”.

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Before the list, Internet users left their opinion, “life is better with chili”, “here the flavor is chili, without it there is no flavor, we Mexicans are like that.”

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