Valery Ovchinnikov: Dziuba asks for 500 thousand in Nizhny?  Did the club tell him how much he should score?

We called the legendary Russian coach of the 90s in Tallinn Valery Ovchinnikovwho has been living in Estonia for a long time, to get his opinion on the transfer adventure.

– Valery Viktorovich, 500 thousand actually for three months – not too much?

– It’s like a scale: on one side are the club’s opportunities, on the other side are the player’s requests. For a player of Dziuba’s level, half a million is normal.

– He has already fallen strongly in requests after 1.5 million in Turkey.

– And the club did not write to him in the contract how many goals he should score before the end of the season?

– Well, we don’t know. Let’s say you are the president of a club from Nizhny Novgorod. Especially since you were already one in the 90s. How would you talk to Dziuba?

– First of all, I would cut off the requested amount of interest by 60. I would explain that after all the adventures in Turkey, signing a contract is the most important opportunity for him to restart his career. After that, he will be able to play for another two or three years.

– Completely agree with your logic. If he doesn’t find a team now, in August Artyom will be 35, missing a whole season at that age is fraught.

– I think Russian clubs will keep Dziuba in the dark until the very flag, until the transfer window closes. And then someone will say it.

– And the contract will be small, because Artyom has nowhere to go.

– More or less like this. Now there is an operation – they caught a mouse, we are trying to finish it off slowly.

– There is also information that the Chinese are offering Dziuba a contract with a salary of 2 million rubles.

– This is fine. Have you ever been to a Chinese provincial city? Not? There live 10-15 million, it is enough to put a hat around in a circle and gain a couple of million quickly. From a financial point of view, China is the right place.

Everything has changed since the pandemic. Nobody pays big millions. The stars have departed.

– Here Dzyuba will revive the Chinese fairy tale.

– What advice would you give Artem now? A month later, the season begins, he misses the preparatory camp.

– I think he trains individually, for sure, he hired a physical training coach. What to advise? If there is such an offer from the Chinese for 2 million, there is an opportunity to earn money, you have to go.

– They say that Dzyuba has earned so much that he does not need money. He just wants to play.

– Do you need money? I have not met such people.

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