This booster is a fairy tale.  I buy it in stock, because nothing moisturizes like this (for 72 hours).  Love forever

At this time of the year, when the skin is dry from the wind, cold, heating, it is simply irreplaceable. Dry patches, flaky flakes, redness and irritation, the feeling of tightness, they don’t stand a chance.

A booster applied to the skin before applying the cream enhances its effect (hence the name – boost = strengthen). Therefore, if you want to quickly achieve your skincare goals, apply it under your cream 2 times a day. And this is the best one – dermo face hydr. hyaluronic serum-booster deeply moisturizing tołpa.

Thanks to the liquid consistency penetrates very deeply into the skin and provides it with an intense dose of hydration. It’s like an hydrating compress. The skin drinks it greedily for the first few days of use, until it is properly moisturized.

booster instantly eliminates fine wrinkles called paper and caused by loss of moisture. Retains water deep in the skin and prevents its loss. It restores the proper pH level and does not disturb the physiology of the skin. Strengthens the effect of further care. Leaves the skin smooth, soft and moisturized for 72 hours. The face is so smooth, infused, you can’t stop touching it! Make-up applied to such a well-groomed complexion looks incredibly fresh and stays on for a long time without the need for corrections.

No wonder, because in the composition it has a super-balancer – low molecular weight hyaluronic acidAdditionally biopolymer of wheat germ, yeast and sodium hyaluronatewhich soothe irritations, calm the skin, eliminate redness, regenerate the hydrolipid coat. Natural complex carbohydrates – close to those naturally present in the skin, restores the moisture balance. At last urea derivativeone of the best humectants known in cosmetology, acts like a sponge – it absorbs and retains water in even the deepest layers of the skin.

How to use the booster?

Apply the serum-booster to the palm of your hand and then to the cleansed and toned face. Pat with your fingertips until absorbed. You can also use it as an addition to the cream – put the cream on your hand, then add a portion of the serum-booster, mix and apply to the face. Use in the morning and evening.

You can also try another moisturizing miracle – this one Bitter Orange Flower Hydrolate (neroli).

This cosmetic is a multi-tasker. Not only does it beautifully moisturize, tone, nourish and soothe the skin; has an antibacterial and rejuvenating effect; improves the condition of blood vessels, reducing redness; but it will also work as an aromatic leave-in conditioner for dry hair. The preparation can be used on a daily basis replace toner and mistbut also works as lotion additive.

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