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If the game was critically successful on Meta Quest and on PICO 4, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution is still not released on PC and, although confirmed for the launch window of the PlayStation VR 2, Skydance Interactive had not yet given a specific date. But that was before.

It’s on the account Twitter of the game that has been specified the game’s release date, March 21, both on SteamVR and PSVR 2 :

But that’s not all ! Be aware that it will be possible to transfer save data between platforms MetaPC, and PSVR 2, so as not to have to start all over again in the event of a change of helmet. Other breaking news, Skydance Interactive confirmed that the first installment in the series Saints & Sinners will also be available on PSVR 2 next March 21 and, little icing on the body, if you have the version PSVR first of the name, the update will be free. Isn’t life beautiful? Finally, a bundle including the two opuses at a reduced price is already available for pre-order for €59.99 on the online store of playstation. Those who pre-order this bundle on PSVR 2 will be entitled to the version Deluxe which gives as a bonus the following content:

  • The Chosen;
  • The Blessing;
  • The party ;
  • The Judge;
  • The Sheriff;
  • The National Guard Knife;
  • Demon Shelf;
  • Collectable Postcards;
  • Collectable Voodoo Dolls.

For those who have completely missed the series of Saints & Sinnersknow thatthese are survival games where you have to complete missions to advance in the main plot and crafter items to improve your equipment. When you land in a place, your time is limited and you will have to choose between collecting objects, advancing in the main story, finishing side missions and/or decamping before the horde arrives. As if that were not enough, the number of zombies increases day by day, each time the main hero wakes up. At level gameplaythe soft stands out for the gravity with which you wield your weapons, where you cut ninjas at the speed of light in other titles, do not expect to do the same here! TWSS takes a realistic approach to weapon handling, we hope the haptic feedback of the PSVR 2 will be reflected accordingly so that we have the most successful copy to date!

Future buyer of PSVR 2you will have just one month to finish Horizon Call of the Mountain as well as Resident Evil Villagecertainly the two most anticipated games of the store. And if you still haven’t pre-ordered the PSVR 2you can do it at the following address.

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