“Oh, Sopitas, you’re old enough to call him nepe”, some will say; and believe me we agree, but the intention is to avoid the censorship of social networks: especially when we are talking about science. Is seriously. Surely you have already read the title, but even if it seems like a joke, stereotype, rumor or joke, this story is much more interesting than you think.

All thanks to some researchers who found the relationship between the size of the male member and his taste for sports cars.

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The most interesting thing of all is that, in reality, this connection is not a relationship between the true size. Everything focuses on personal perspectives, on false standards and how our brain plays tricks when it comes to self-esteem… which ends up having an impact on marketing!

The size of the nepe and sports cars

A study presented by the Department of Experimental Psychology from University College in London turned out to be very interesting because check the relationship between the size of the penis in men and the taste for sports cars.

But not in the way you think.

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Actually, the study was done manipulating what men believed about their own size. “We gave them false information”the researchers admit. “We told them that the average penis was bigger than it really is, so that men would feel — subjectively — that their own penis was smaller.”

What’s interesting is that once they got men to think that size wasn’t their forte, they developed a taste for sports cars. Above all, the scientists reveal, it happened to men older than 30 years.

During the questions —both in the control group and in the experimental group— found that once they have false or biased information about their own bodies, men believe, or we therefore believe, that the average penis size is larger than it really is.

The participating men estimated 18 centimeters when, The truth is that it walks like in 13.

But hey, going back to the studio, the funny thing is that this is the first time that some psychological study discovers a relationship, or at least a formal connection, in what men perceive about their bodies, with their taste for sports cars.

This Psychology experiment used just 200 people from London, but according to his documents he came ‘disguised’ as a market study. Once men had in the unconsciouse —or in the conscious— that their penis size might be small, they were asked about your appreciation to all kinds of luxury products.

The coolest of all? The increase was only noted in sports cars.

“Why only cars and why penises?”asked the Department of Psychology in the conclusions of its study. “These results present intriguing questions for future research.”

The researchers promise to continue investigating the subject, but they believe that the study is a first step to understand the jokes that we encounter every day, the feelings of inadequacy that present themselves in the male psyche and of course, the effect it can have on marketing or selling sports cars as a ‘compensation’ for size.

The study can FIND HERE.

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