They ask to cancel the Razzie Awards after they nominated an 11-year-old girl for worst actress

The Razzie Awards They are popularly known for being the anti-Oscars who nominate the worst films of the year. However, this edition has provoked a series of criticisms by including in its list of Worst Actress a Ryan Kiera Armstrong, a girl of only 11 years who starred in the movie firestarter released in 2022 and previously seen in IT Chapter Two Y The Black Widow.

The reception of the Razzies has always been divisive, and the awards are known to cause controversy, but including Armstrong, who has just started his career in the film industry, began to generate criticism on social networks since it is not the first time that the awards decide to nominate minors.

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The Razzies shouldn’t nominate infants

In the past, Brooke Shields was named as the worst actress when she was barely 14 years old for her role in The Blue Lagoon, while Jake Lloyd he was 8 years old when he won the Razzie for Worst Actor for his role as a young man Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Phantom Menacewhich caused him to receive such intense type of bullying that he decided to retire from acting at the age of 12 years.

Regarding the public response to the nomination of Armstrong, many have come to Twitter to criticize the awards ceremony for harassing an infant without having any consequences. In addition, they pointed out the history that they haveto award of ruining the confidence and self-esteem of young actors.

For his part, Kyle F Andrewswrote: “The Razzies nominated an 11-year-old girl for Worst Supporting Actress, but it’s just kidding, it’s not like the Razzies have a history of hurting child actors.” While Joe Russo added: “The Razzies have fallen to a new low by nominating an eleven-year-old girl whose performance I actually liked. If you’re going to continue to denigrate people’s hard work, which you shouldn’t, at least target adults.”

Brian Tallerico, who is a media writer like Vulture, The Playlist also took the opportunity to write your displeasure towards the award. “I just found out that the Razzies nominated an 11-year-old girl. And I thought she couldn’t hate that organization of sarcastic jerks anymore.”

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Will they cease to exist one day?

The Razzie Awards They began to exist in 1981 and since then they have been extremely controversial, since year after year their validity or importance is debated. Recently, the award held a category made exclusively for Bruce Willis, just days before his family announced his early retirement following his unfortunate diagnosis of aphasia. Although Razzie they ended up revoking said category, it seems that they have not learned and every year they end up generating controversy.

For now, the Razzie they have to decide if they will keep the nomination of Ryan Kiera Armstrong for worst actress, or they’ll apologize for hurting a girl’s self-esteem and career. What is a fact is that after the Willis scandal and now this year’s nomination, the Razzie seems to be going out of fashion and the public begins to question its broadcast for lack of ethics.

For this reason, many critics consider that the Razzies they should disappear for harming many actors, actresses, directors and more creative people in the industry and not contributing anything positive to the projects.

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What do moviegoers and moviegoers think? Should the award be cancelled?

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