Pantsir anti-aircraft shield

The war for the Russian invasion in Ukraine has become the first where the use of drones is widespread. From the biggest ones for espionage and attack to the smallest ones designed to crash into targets and do maximum damage. This last weaponry, which is represented in Spain, is one of those that is worrying Putin the most.

Ukraine has in its armament a totally unknown drone that has been revealed to the public by an image released by the Russian military authorities that have managed to catch him. “Some 7 units have been flown at the same time,” they point out in a message collected by Defense Blog. Referring to a coordinated kamikaze attack against positions controlled by Moscow.

“Most of them were shot down by air defense units that covered the area, but some pieces still reached the camp,” the statement continued, but others managed to break through Putin’s defenses. The military said the drones used in the attacks were unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with long, thin wings that offer the least resistance for a flight at subsonic speed.

[Pantsir, el moderno escudo aéreo con el que Putin blinda Moscú frente a los ataques ucranianos]

The model of the drone launched by Zelenski’s troops is totally unknown. Only one image of a reconstruction carried out by the Russians with different parts has been published.

On the other hand, some analysts said that the drones have a range of about 150 kilometers and attack high-value targets with precision at long ranges. Also that it uses a marauding flight pattern that flies over the area until it identifies the target that it has to attack. At that moment the drone accelerates and crashes into him. They usually have some kind of explosive charge inside.

The revelation of this mysterious drone coincides with Putin’s blatant concern to protect Moscow from airstrikes. In recent days it has been possible to see how he has posted anti-aircraft defense systems on the roofs of some key buildings, such as public administrations, military installations and in the vicinity of the official residence.

Pantsir anti-aircraft shield


According to some Russian media, the Kremlin has decided has a first layer with the anti-aircraft cupola S-400, one of the most modern of those serving in their army. It is a highly advanced system with hundreds of kilometers of coverage radius and interceptor missiles capable of shooting down any threat.

The next level is carried out by the Pantsir system, specially dedicated to the demolition of targets at a shorter radius and low altitude. In the event that the Ukrainian kamikaze drones manage to get past the S-400, this other shield will do everything it can to shoot them down.

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