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The Last of Us showrunners understand fans upset about changes made to the TV adaptation

Although the adaptation of The Last of Us has had mostly viewers very satisfied and the reviews are positive, some fans have complained about the different changes they decided to make to the original game to make the series make sense.

Specifically, the comments specifically address how it spreads Cordyceps, the population-infecting virus in which the game silvers that is contracted via spores, while the series employs tendrils, a change that may not be to the liking of video game purists. Nevertheless, Neil Druckman and Craig Mazin, the showrunners of The Last of Us They explained the reason for the changes.

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Defend the passionate fan base of The Last of Us

During an interview with Variety, the co-creator of the series, Neil Druckman He commented that he perfectly understands the fan base upset by the changes in the television adaptation because they tend to be very passionate and defend the popular video game to the last detail.

“I have learned to expect a backlash when sneezing. I think it speaks to the type of fans we have, who are so protective and love the world and these characters so much that anything they see as a deviation, without the full context of what it means, they assume the worst and push it.”

Neil Druckman

Similarly, your fellow co-creator craig mazin He is empathetic with the public and admitted that he is on their side. “It’s okay if people are upset about it, I don’t blame them.” explained. “I think that addition is something worthwhile,” Druckman added. However, they admitted that such changes are sometimes necessary for the television script and never thought that the story had a logical basis when the game was made. “It’s actually one of those additions where I’m like, ‘Oh, I wish we had it for the game. I wish we would have thought of that years ago, because I love it.’”.

That is why the decision to change Cordyceps spores to tendrils was due to finding a logic for the spread of the virus. “We did our best to find what is unique about our history and our world”Druckmann said. “It’s not so much about the bite, they just need these tendrils to get from one host to another and that’s how the infection spreads.”

Nevertheless, mazin confirmed that spores remain an element of infection in The Last of Us . “If you listen carefully, the word ‘spores’ is mentioned,” said. “I don’t necessarily know if we’re going to see spores this time, but to say our world is devoid of them wouldn’t be accurate.”

The Last of Us
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Is the flour theory real?

Since the premiere of The Last of Us, there is a specific theory made by the public on social networks where it suggests that the infection began to spread through flour since in the first episode joel (Pedro Pascal) and his daughter Sarah (Nico Parker) manage to avoid food throughout the episode, and furthermore, it is emphasized.

Likewise, the beginning of the second episode shows jakarta (which was mentioned in the first episode), with a scientist learning that an infected woman was killed in a flour mill, so the theory started to make more sense. About, Neil Druckman and Craig Mazin they admitted that the fans are not so lost.

“When you talk about where these people were working and what was going on in that factory, yeah, it’s pretty clear that’s what’s going on. We liked the idea of ​​that science, and we try our best to make sure that all of our research connects. [El micólogo] he asks where it happened, and the guy says a flour mill on the west side of town. We’re absolutely talking about there being the world’s largest flour mill in Jakarta, so that’s a good theory and I think people should continue to work with it.”

Undoubtedly the scene Jakarta and the scientist reveals a bit of the mystery behind the origins of the fungus in The Last of Us, while providing a fresh perspective on how the outbreak affected the rest of the world.

The Last of Us
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