The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, at the press conference on November 29.

Dove Pinedaof 43 yearsAnd your daughter Indiaof eight, were murdered in the early hours of this past Monday. The alleged murderer is David Marotoof 44 years, partner of the fatality. “Have I done something wrong. I have killed Pigeon”, Maroto recognized his brother-in-law during a call at 3 am. The brother-in-law alerted the authorities, who quickly went to the scene of the event.

But there was nothing to do. Pigeon and India they already thickened the fateful list of victims of gender violence in 2023 which amounts to six. As EL ESPAÑOL has learned, at least in the half of the cases, the alleged murderers had history of abusea circumstance that has become more and more recurrent and that has reopened the debate raised by the Ministry of Interior.

In said discussion, isabella rodriguezspokesperson for Governmentrecognized ago 15 days that “something is failing”, since the number of fatalities at the hands of their partners or ex-partners with a criminal record is increasing. For this reason, the minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska raised on December 29 a formula that pursues alert to the potentials women victims of gender violence that their partner has background and that it can be apersistent bully”.

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, at the press conference on November 29.

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Such a formula raises a series of doubts, for example, at the legal level, since it could even clash with the laws of Data Protection, as the Prosecutor’s Office has raised in a report. However, the doubts go further. They transcend even the legal debate. But the recent murder of Pigeon raises the question: if Pigeon I would have known that David He had been denounced for harassment of his ex-partner in 2017 Could the sexist murder have been prevented? It is “difficult” to know.

“The proposal to inform the history of gender violence It can be a tangential measure, which, perhaps, can help a woman who already has doubts or reluctance about continuing with her romantic relationship as a couple. But actually, It is very difficult to affirm that this measure will prevent a sexist murderThis is not always the case, since we are talking about something very complex and very serious,” he explained to this newspaper. Yolanda Bernardez (Madrid, 1964), President of the Feminist Psychology and Psychotherapy Association.

[David asesinó a su pareja y apuñaló por la espalda a la hija de 8 años de ella: “He matado a Paloma”]

The answer: Educate

In fact, the professional not only questions the functionality –at least in all cases– of the measure proposed by Insidebut rather proposes to turn the debate around to find a solution that stops the bloodletting of sexist murders: “Instead of putting the focus on the victim, it should be put on the murderer, in the abuser”.

“What really prevents a sexist murder is to see, as a society, what we can do so that a child does not become a murderer, a violent one. What prevents sexist violence is that a child, who is born without being violent, becomes violent. In other words, all the measures that are intended to protect the victims are on a second level. The first level is to put all the efforts into who mistreats, who murders. We don’t have to put the burden on ourselves. The problem is not us, but rather what society has to do so that the childrenI insist, do not become macho murderers or abusers ”, he defends emphatically bernardez.

Yolanda Bernárdez, president of the Feminist Psychology and Psychotherapy Association.

Yolanda Bernárdez, president of the Feminist Psychology and Psychotherapy Association.


In other words, nothing would have guaranteed that if Dove Pineda I would have known that David I had background for harassing his ex-partner in 2017 his murder and that of his daughter would have been prevented. But it would have been avoided –or at least minimized the chances of it happening– if David I would have had a proper education.

“Could you do a study on what has happened to coeducation in Spain. Are you coeducating? The LOG INfor example, already contemplated a plan of education in equality in schools and that is very fragile and, in fact, is being questioned. In Valladolidwhere the murder occurred, there are even political representatives who deny the sexist violence”, he maintains on the other end of the phone line.

[Los antecedentes del asesino de Valladolid reabren el debate sobre el maltratador reincidente]

Nevertheless, it is true that in the case of Valladolidthe ex-partner of David Maroto decided not to ratify the complaint for harassment in 2017. And there was another element that came into play: both had a son. For this reason, the president bernardez explains how difficult it can be to maintain a complaint for a woman, because “the system lacks credibility”:

“When a woman does not support or confirm a complaint there are many situations. We have had patients explain to us how difficult it is to sustain a complaint, because there are long paths in which the victim seems to have to prove to the system that she is innocent. Because we are not believed on a high percentage of occasions. In fact, in some cases of murdered women it had been assessed that ‘there is no risk’. Sometimes a complaint is not sustained because it is not wanted, but because it is not possible due to fear or due to many circumstances of emotional exhaustion and when there are children it becomes much more complicated ”.

Women who believe in change

Even so, another issue to address is the existence of some women who believe in changing men with a background. “Sometimes, some women who have an affective relationship with a man, even knowing they [los antecedentes]it is probable that they insist on the i wish i will get to help you and to improve their conduct”, exposes the psychologist. That would therefore also undermine the functionality of the proposed Inside to alert a woman to her relationship with a “persistent bully”.

David has murdered his partner, Paloma, and her daughter, India.

David has murdered his partner, Paloma, and her daughter, India.

“I understand that if this measure has been proposed, it is for something tangential – punctual, that it is not a panacea for anythingbecause sometimes we have known cases of women who know this information and perhaps fall in love with that person, precisely because they connect with a vulnerable part of the abuser –as happens in interpersonal relationships, which are complex– and perhaps the woman wants or wants to help him change; and the wish that nothing happens to her, ”he maintains.

Of course, the psychologist makes it very clear that, at the root, focus must change and in whom the efforts should be deposited is in the redirection of the aggressor and in the education of the children. Meanwhile, the bleeding of the sexist violence continue with six victims in 2023 Y 49 in 202210 of them in a fateful month of December–.

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