Rides in a US car - Selenskyj fires another top official

The deputy head of the Ukrainian presidential office, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, has asked President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to be dismissed. Tymoshenko had previously caused dissatisfaction with driving a US SUV. The head of state complied with the request and dismissed the influential official.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister, Vyacheslav Shapovalov, has also resigned. This is reported by the online newspaper Ukrainska Pravda, citing a source in government circles and the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.Tymoshenko thanked Zelenskyy on Tuesday on the Telegram news channel for the trust and the opportunity to work for the country in wartime . Tymoshenko had previously traveled in a US SUV provided by the car company General Motors for the rescue of citizens from the combat zones in the war zone and for humanitarian missions – and had caused a sensation. However, the top official had defended this as on-duty trips. Overpriced food scandal Shapovalov resigned in connection with the scandal of overpriced food purchases for soldiers. “Vyacheslav Shapovalov, who was responsible for supplying the Ukrainian armed forces in the rear, has asked for his dismissal,” the defense ministry said in Kyiv on Tuesday. Otherwise, the campaign against him would endanger the stable supply of the armed forces. At the weekend, media reports in Ukraine caused a stir that the Ministry of Defense was buying food for its soldiers at prices up to three times higher than retail prices in stores. The contract for 13 billion hryvnia (a good 300 million euros) is said to be about feeding the soldiers at the front, but in the rear. Defense Minister Oleksiy Resnikov rejected the allegations on Monday. The aim is apparently to “undermine trust in the Ministry of Defense at a very important time,” he said. At the same time, the 56-year-old assured a transparent investigation of the incidents.Resolute action against misconduct in the Ukrainian governmentIn the past few days, after scandals surrounding corruption and enrichment in the state apparatus, the President had announced more decisive action against misconduct and announced personnel changes at various hierarchical levels Deputy minister left office because he is said to have received bribes for the purchase of power generators. The Ministry of Defense has been criticized for having bought food for soldiers at inflated prices. Many citizens in Ukraine suspect parts of the leadership to enrich themselves in the course of the high level of financial aid from the West. The external advisor in the presidential office, Oleksiy Arestovych, who is repeatedly said to have ambitions for the highest office in the state, had previously resigned. Arestovych thus officially drew the consequences of a “misstep”. He had thought it possible that a Russian missile had hit a residential building in the south-eastern Ukrainian city of Dnipro due to the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense system. More than 40 people died. On TikTok he spoke about his mistake. @alexey.arestovich Got it in the first place by resolving all the options! #война #арестович #россия #украина #україна ♬ оригінальний звук – Алексей Арестович Zelenskyj must fear competition from his own ranks According to the Ukrainian media, Tymoshenko was also criticized because he exceeded his duties as an official in the presidential administration and was also politically active target. The presidential elections in Ukraine are next year. Selenskyj has to fear competition from his own ranks.

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