Really a majority of the Germans for tank deliveries?  – Surveys as a propaganda tool

24 Jan 2023 8:32 pm

First, an MDR survey shows that 94 percent of listeners do not want tanks to be delivered to Ukraine. Then the broadcaster quickly rowed back: the survey was not representative. The mainstream quickly followed up with an Infratest survey that said: 54 percent of Germans were in favour.

By Dagmar Henn

After attracting attention for a critical comment, the MDR also delivered a survey with an undesirable result – 94 percent of the listeners who spoke up spoke out against a delivery of German tanks to the Ukraine. Although the four-minute broadcast, in which the listener’s statements on the station’s answering machine were evaluated, mitigated the result by every conceivable means, caught himself the MDR the most violent Ukrotroll infestation on Twitter. Comments like “Russian trolls” or “Putin activated all his old friends from GDR times, didn’t he?” or “Do you still have U55 handsets?” give an impression of it.

the MDRThe editors first stated that the survey was not representative; then gave the statements of supporters exactly as much time as those of the opponents, although the ratio was 6:94, and then also quoted the Deutschlandtrend survey from the same day, according to which 46 percent in Germany were in favor of a delivery and 43 percent against be. It was no use. Just the mention that there could be a clear majority against such deliveries somewhere, at some point in Germany, raises suspicion.

However, the survey conducted by Infratest was not the only one; a Forsa poll was released the same day, asking only whether Germany should allow deliveries of Leopard tanks through other countries such as Poland. The result was 54 percent in favor and 38 percent against. With strong differences between supporters of different parties, and with the Greens as warmongers, who even fantasize about recapturing Crimea with the help of German tanks.

As recently as January 8, in a survey on the delivery of the Marder infantry fighting vehicle, 50 percent rejected and only 38 percent spoke out in favor. So one can at least say that the constant sonication of “Panzer, Panzer, Panzer!” was successful with a part of the population.

In the software area there is the abbreviation GIGO. This means: If you enter garbage, you also get garbage. To date, all polls on the issue of supplying Leopard tanks are GIGO. Because none of them asks the real question that all the media successfully dodges.

Government spokesman on tank deliveries: "Could we trigger something that nobody considered"

Imagine you are standing near the Walchensee in front of the exit to Kochelsee, the Kesselbergstrasse, and a man holding the keys to a Porsche asks you if you want to drive this Porsche. However, he does not tell you that the brakes are broken. What then does your answer say in terms of making the right decision? Nothing at all. Because the crucial information is missing.

There is still no representative survey in Germany whose question is as follows: Are you in favor of deliveries of German Leopard 2 tanks and their crews to Ukraine, even if Russia sees this as Germany’s participation in the war?

It is quite likely that the number of supporters would be significantly lower if such a question were asked. But these are exactly the two points that the German press shuns like the devil shuns holy water: The fact that the tanks have to be delivered with personnel. And the fact that it is Russia’s decision what is considered participation, but the limits for Germany, with which there is only an armistice to date, are likely to be particularly narrow.

The Germans seem to be aware of this to a certain extent. After all, if you compare the Infratest and Forsa surveys, there is a full 12 percent more for delivery through other countries than for delivery through Germany. And of course, the fact that the population in the eastern part believes less in western wonder weapons and to a certain extent still knows that the troops of the Warsaw Treaty were at least equivalent to those of NATO also plays a role in the clear difference between East and West; quite apart from the even smaller part that actually learned Soviet military strategy at some point and therefore does not believe in such fairy tales as “overrun with crowds”.

Blind Spot in the Tank Debate: Why Isn't Anyone Talking About Abrams?

People in Germany don’t like to talk about it lately, but complete information is one of the prerequisites of democracy. The more important the decision, the more important the completeness. However, it is not desired at all to find out the real result with complete information.

That is exactly what is reflected in the reaction to the MDRsurvey shows. Because polls that are held under false premises serve above all to convey to those whose convictions deviate or threaten to differ that they are opposed to the majority. Only here can even non-representative listener opinions have a disturbing effect.

In the real world, though, it’s better to know if the Porsche’s brakes are working. Because the path ahead is steep and the curves are sharp.

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