The eyeliner, the fringe, the clothing where black predominates, the accessories with a checkered pattern… if you were emo Have you ever been struck by everything surrounding this ‘urban tribe’, you know what we’re talking about. At the time, there was too much debate (perhaps more than it should be) if it was a fashion, a lifestyle, a social phenomenon or a bit of everything… but far from that, it must be said: music was the ultimate sign of belonging.

And don’t worry because surely more than one, dear readers, enjoyed that stage of life a lot in which skinny jeans and ironed hair covering one eye were the trend. Do you already remember those times? Ufff, pure nostalgia. Now, hold on because we bring you a selection of music videos so that you can better remember that moment when they told their mother “It’s not a stage, mom. It’s the real me”.

Super recognized bands, some others you consider cult and more… Here we bring you 12 videos to remember when you were emo.

Here are 12 music videos to remember when you were emo
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“I Write Sins Not Tragedies” – Panic! At The Disco

It is true that Panic! At The Disco it was not an ’emotional hardcore’ band (the musical style that defines the emo subculture) if we refer as such to the aspect of the music. In fact, towards the end of the 2000s and in the last decade, the project led by Brendon urie It was characterized more by its foray into pop rock than anything else.

But at the time, specifically 2005, they were idols of the emo scene, especially because of their 2005 album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out and for the aesthetics they put on the video for “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies”. If you don’t remember exactly what the clip is about, here we leave it for you.

“Ambrosia” – Alesana

As in any musical genre, post-hardcore branched out in such a way that the style of emotional-hardcore emerged and from this, eventually. the ‘screamo’ was born, characterized by the heartbreaking screams in the songs. Lots of labels that bands sometimes even looked down on, but ‘in-the-know’ fans liked to use to see themselves as more advanced on the subject. In that sense, within the screamo, there was alesana.

This band, perhaps one of the ones that little by little became more recognized within the underground of the genre, reached an important status in 2006 with the album On Frail Wings of Vanity and Waxespecially with the simple “Ragweed” whose video evoked one of the most remembered aesthetics of the emo scene: black dress shirts and red ties (That’s good, that outfit was really popularized by Billie Joel Armstrong from Green Day with american idiot). Anyway, this video clip was one of those that every good emo strain, knew yes or yes.

“Chelsea Smile” – Bring Me The Horizon

As we said, the ’emo-core’ musical style branched out and there came a time when some more metal overtones were combined, which some called metal-core, death-core and a lot of things with a ‘core’ ending. There, Bring Me The Horizon earned a position as one of the most recognized bands of the moment, in addition to its vocalist Oliver Sykes It was the sex symbol of the scene at the same time that it was the most fashionable version of traditional emo.

And well, going back to the band, basically all their videos from the late 2000s and early 2010s would work for this list, but we decided to include “Chelsea Smile” for being so fun that he wanted to be at that party. It is seen that at least the British emo scene was not sad all the time.

“Sugar, We’re Going Down” – Fall Out Boy

Fall out Boy is another of those bands closer to pop-punk that shone in the 2000s and that the international emo scene embraced with affection. Well, it was even said that they were ’emo-pop’, but we already talked about the many ramifications of styles… The thing here is that with their first two albums, this group won over the fans and perhaps the most remembered song of the first stage of FOB is “Sugar, We’re Going Down”.

With My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy They were the ones who made it fashionable to give very long names to the songs and records of bands of the genre. Classic of the 2000s, without a doubt.

“Helena” (or any song from 2002 to 2006) by My Chemical Romance

This one was particularly hard to choose, so it’s up to you. If there is a band that took emo-core aesthetics and style to another level, it was it. My Chemical Romance. If we’re being honest, we could easily say that they’re the most iconic band of the genre of the 2000s, by far.

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge Y The Black Parade They are three jewels that are unmissable for the hardcore emo fan (no matter how much connoisseurs want to listen to underground bands). We choose “Helena” for all the legacy it represents, but any MCR from 2002 to 2006 fits on this list without problems! HERE the story behind the song.

“Smile In Your Sleep” – Silverstein

Silverstein is a band that went through all the subgenres there have been and have been: from post-hardocore, to emo, screamo and even indie-rock at some point. And the truth, they laughed. For this emo video count, we chose “Smile In Your Sleep” for the aesthetics, the emotionality of the video, the hairstyles and all that. Also, what a hit.

“Emergency” – Paramore

To go easy with paramorewe would have gone for “Decode” or “Misery Business”… but every good connoisseur of the band knows that the All We Know Is Falling It is the album most closely linked to the emo scene in the band’s discography. And again, this clip is a watershed for the emo fan aesthetic and as far as bands go, Hayley Williams’ gestures and movements became a hallmark that everyone began to imitate.


“Love Like Winter” – AFI

IPA is the curious case of the band that began doing punk-rock in the 90s within the same scene as Green Day and The Offspring, but that adapted to the 2000s in aesthetics and musical style that was gaining ground. And they did well with the records they released throughout the 2000s.

Perhaps the most memorable is decemberunderground which was a combination of post-hardcore, dance punk, alternative rock, and of course, emo-core. From that material, we pulled for the list “Love Like Winter” because well, what a hit of nostalgia. Still, “Miss Murder” is not far behind.

“Ohio Is For Lovers” – Hawthorne Heights

Hawthorne Heights is a bandota that had to put up with the misfortune of growing up at the same time as My Chemical Romance, Paramore and Fall Out Boy. Los HH also began their career around 2003 and 2004, in their case with their debut album The Silence in Black and White.

They are not the most stereotypical incarnation of conventional emo, at least aesthetically, and perhaps that is why they did not enjoy the same success as their aforementioned contemporaries. But sound-wise, they’re everything the genre stood for: melodic vocals combined with heart-rending screams, potent power-chords and wholesale emotional lyrics. “Ohio Is For Lovers” is the song that gathers all these characteristics and the video, although it is simple, also shows us that fringes were already becoming fashionable around the mid-2000s.

“I Miss You” – Blink 182

Ah, this could not be missing under any circumstance! blink-182 is the quintessential happy-punk (or pop-punk) band and they showed the way for other groups of the style to become -so to speak- allies of the emo scene. And honestly, it’s fair to say that Tom DeLonge capitalized on the emo look that would later be replicated and taken to another level by other groups. The proof: the video for “I Miss You”.

without being emo, Blink is one of the inevitable bands when it comes to remembering that stage.

“The Kill” – 30 Seconds To Mars

There is a very marked animosity when talking about 30 Seconds To Mars. Many die-hard emo fans, they say, consider them a musical project that took full advantage of aesthetics, ideology, and musical style to gain recognition in the 2000s. which happened when they launched A Beautiful Lie in 2005.

But another sector, perhaps less intense, of the fans embraced them precisely with that album, where the song “The Kill” has severe nods to screamo. And speaking of the video, there’s little to say: it’s the whole line that every emo boy on the scene was looking for. Jared Leto did his thing and he did it well…. but “The Kill”, tremendous song yes.

“A Prophecy” – Asking Alexandria

Hands down, the British scene came to dominate the ’emo-metal’ scene with bands like Asking Alexandria. Despite the fact that over the years they moved away from the emo aesthetic and moved closer to hard rock and alternative rock, there are still those who enjoy the band’s old songs like “A Prophecy”. If you watch the video, we can say that thanks to Asking Alexandria, V-neck shirts became very popular. One of the most remembered latest evolutions of emo.

Do you remember any other emblematic video from when you liked the emo style? We read you in the comments.

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