No, the Earth's core has NOT stopped and nothing is happening

Yes, yes, I know: all the media say that the Earth’s core has stopped and that this is going to change the length of the day and invert the Earth’s magnetic field and that the world is more or less ending or that .

As usual in these cases, do not believe a word.

It’s another typical case of crazy headlines about an obscure paper scientist referring to an equally obscure geophysical phenomenon known as superrotation of the inner core.

Explained very briefly, this means that the Earth’s inner core does not rotate (or rotated) in a totally synchronized way with the mantle: it went a few tenths of a degree… by year. Well, that is if the supporters of that hypothesis are right, because other geophysicists say that such a phenomenon is due to measurement inaccuracies and does not exist. It is debated.

In the end: the fact is that the paper in question is titled Multidecadal Variation of the Earth’s Inner Core Rotation, because its proponents believe that this variation changes over time and from some seismic measurements they deduce that the inner core and the mantle are synchronized (that is, that they do not present that difference of a few tenths of a degree)… or rather, what They were in 2009, which is the data on which they have worked. It could even be that desynchronization It would have been inverted and now the inner core would rotate a little more slowly than the mantle (but in the same direction). Not the rotation of the earth’s core.

And the “multidecadal” thing is… because of what it seems, because it would happen every few decades. The previous times, they say, in the early 1990s and 1970s. And while these cycles appear to be related to minute changes in day length and the geomagnetic field, ordinary people didn’t know about it on those previous occasions and won’t know about it now. Here we all continue. And all.

But of course, it is seen that Multidecadal Variation of the Earth’s Inner Core Rotation it didn’t make a very newsworthy or flashy headline.

It makes me angry to say that this time the blame is not on any tabloid with severe deficits in functional literacy. It was Nature Geoscience itself, a highly prestigious journal, which presented the paper in a brief titled “The rotation of the Earth’s inner core changes over the decades and has almost stopped”. Which is not only obviously wrong, but scandalous and sensational, no matter how much they try to fix it in the paragraph below by saying that it is indeed a periodic phenomenon… but they just screw it up by prioritizing those tiny changes in the length of the day and the field below. geomagnetic. Very interesting topic for geophysicists, experts in Earth and Space Sciences and the like, but essentially irrelevant to ordinary citizens.

The one together with the other has started the ball and well… you see the headlines and the nonsense that are being said out there. In fact, it annoys me so much that it is possible that I will dedicate a next post on the Whiteboard to these thank you who sell a lot and ignore a lot too.

The mistake of all of them? Not a single one of them has bothered to consult with real geophysicists before releasing theirs, and not even to do something as simple and fast as what I have done: go to the original article and read the abstract (“initial summary”) where it is already quite well explained in… 210 exact words.

It was enough to read 210 words before alarming half of humanity. I could have even saved myself the $32 it cost me to buy the article to read the whole thing before writing to you for sure. Because, as is well known, the big media groups don’t have $32 to spend or any nearby university with a Geophysics chair to consult, right?

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