M&M's removes its drawings for 'woke' and inclusive: "Even the shoes of a candy can polarize"

Whoever considers that in the current situation a good controversy is not capable of changing the course of events is that they hardly spend time on social networks. The well-known M&M’s chocolates have been canceled for being too inclusive, in a torrid discussion enacted on social media and reported by Tucker Carlsonconservative commentator American network Fox News.

The controversy stems from image reconversion of the well-known dolls that covered the packaging of their chocolates. A year ago, the company decided to change its image to represent a society in which everyone has a place. For example, they replaced the shoes of two M&Ms characterized as women: the green caramel was put on sneakers, when before he wore go-go boots, and the brown one was stiletto-heeled with wider-heeled ones.

The criticisms raised after the change of footwear of its “spokesperson candies” provoked a reactionary wave from the media right, which even considered that the incorporation of a purple M&M was an “excuse” to support the feminist movement.

All of the above was not reflected in a simple tweet. An internet campaign calling for making green M&M “sexy” again reached 20,000 signatures and there was even criticism in media such as The Washington Post -he said that the change was not “progressive”- and rolling stones -claimed the character’s right to be a “little slut”, according to CNN-.

Mars, the candy company that owns M&M’s, has released a statement announcing that “removes” the well-known image of the brand -which it has been using for 69 years in the packaging of its products- after the controversy, something that the company condemns, as it advocates the “global commitment to create a world in which everyone feels that they belong to it and society is inclusive” .

“We weren’t sure anyone would notice. And we definitely didn’t think this was going to break the internet. But now we get it: even the shoes of a candy can be polarizing. Which is the last thing M&M wanted, since what matters most to us is bringing people together,” he notes.

The company indicates that instead of having drawings, from now on it will have a person who manages to put the United States “in agreement”: the actress Maya Rudolph, whose mission will be to “defend the power of fun to create a world that everyone feels like they belong.”

“Make them sexy again”

One of the most ‘critical’ voices with candies, a statement that is already bizarre in itself, is that of the aforementioned Tucker Carlson, who has dedicated several segments of his Fox News program to criticize the “woke” drift of the brand. The incendiary commentator of the chain has also been happy about the end of the “obese and lesbian candy”.

Many American users and journalists have condemned the brand’s decision, which they consider fulfills the wishes of an “pissed off” presenter and four dissuasive voices within a much broader community.

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