López Miras, this Tuesday, during his emergency appearance.

The Government of Murcia The approval of the new Tagus Plan will be appealed to the Supreme Court. This has been announced by the Murcian president, Fernando López Miras, in the emergency appearance that he has called in the Palacio de San Esteban, just a few hours after learning that the Council of Ministers had given the green light to the increase in the ecological flows of the Tajo, which will translate into a 50% cut in the water contributions received by the Tajo-Segura Transfer.

What the Government of Spain has approved is the biggest political attack perpetrated against this autonomous community in recent decades“, as López Miras has reflected, in a very harsh tone, and with a gesture concerned about the repercussions that this measure may have on the agricultural sector. “Politicians who have not set foot on this land have sentenced the transfer to death: they It is about an outrage without base or foundation, which hits our social, economic and environmental development”.

[El Gobierno aprueba un recorte en el Trasvase Tajo-Segura entre quejas de sector y las CCAA]

López Miras has appeared next to a screen where the message could be read ‘It’s not just water, it’s lives’, with the aim of detailing the roadmap that the Murcian Executive will follow after the Council of Ministers has turned a deaf ear to two requests about the new Plan del Tajo and its impact on the Levant. The first petition was made by the 7,000 farmers from Murcia, Almería and Alicante who demonstrated in Madrid to defend the Tajo-Segura Transfer, as the main method of irrigation for their farms, over desalinated water.

The second request was formulated by the Council of State: the highest advisory body of the Government issued an opinion, the content of which warned the Ministry for Ecological Transition that it should do “compatible” the increase in the ecological flows of the Tagus River, with the viability of the transfer. But the department of Teresa Ribera has not been weighed down by the massive protest of farmers on January 11, nor by the opinion of the aforementioned body with constitutional relevance.

Proof of this is that the ecological flows of the Tagus will increase year by year, from the current 6 cubic meters, to 7 cubic meters, reaching 8.65 in 2027. In this way, the contributions received by Murcia, Almería and Alicante to irrigate their fields and for human consumption will be reduced, between 70 and 110 cubic hectometres . To combat this water panorama, López Miras has announced that the Murcian Executive will file an appeal before the Supreme Court: “The Government of Pedro Sánchez is leading the Levante to ruin and thousands of families.”

López Miras, this Tuesday, during his emergency appearance.


The Murcian president has also advanced that will request an urgent meeting with the Prime MinisterPedro Sánchez, to send him a message: “I want a farmer from La Mancha to have the same opportunities and rights as a farmer from Murcia”.

has also announced that will inform the heads of the Andalusian and Valencian executives of the content of the appeal to the SupremeJuanma Moreno and Ximo Puig, respectively. “Our priority will be this resource to reverse this arbitrary, political and sectarian decision that the central government has taken, and of course, in view of this resource, I will also speak with the president of Andalusia and the Valencian Community.”

López Miras, in his speech, regretted that on January 24, Pedro Sánchez “has fulfilled the promise” he made on April 19, 2018 in Albacete, regarding the future of the Tajo-Segura Transfer. This point has led him to criticize that they have been “doubly deceived” the socialist leaders in the Region of Murcia and in the Valencian Community, José Vélez and Ximo Puig, respectively, because they agreed with Minister Teresa Ribera on ecological flows for the Tagus that have not been fulfilled.

It is not true that this planning has been carried out with a constant dialogue, as the minister has said“, as the Murcian president has criticized, insisting on two occasions that Minister Ribera “has lied” in her subsequent appearance before the Council of Ministers, where the the Royal Decree that reviews the hydrological planning of a dozen river basin districts -for the period 2022-2027-.

riverbank has proposed to lower the price of desalinated water as compensation and as an alternative to cutting the aqueduct, but López Miras has discarded that option. So everything points to the fact that the water battle that is being fought between Moncloa, Castilla-La Mancha and the Levante territories will continue to mark the agenda in a year where there will be an appointment with the polls in several autonomies.

Replacing the transfer water with desalination is not an alternativeas the minister herself knows because it does not have the necessary quality to irrigate crops, because it is technically impossible to take it to certain levels and because in environmental terms it is incompatible with the era in which we live because energy is wasted and it is polluting”.

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