From village to big football.  Ivan Oblyakov's mother told the whole truth


The biography of Ivan Oblyakov is really impressive. The fifth child in a family from the village of Vyndin Ostrov in the Leningrad Region at the age of 9 got into the Zenit sports school, in 2016 he began to play in FC Ufa, two years later ended up in Moscow CSKA, and in 2020 he was invited to the national team.

On the air of the program “Mom knows everything” on “Autoradio” Nina Ivanovna Oblyakova said that already at the age of 4 Vanya was chasing the ball with passion. His father’s ardent love for this sport also played a role. Sergey Sergeevich, a real enthusiast, organized an amateur team “Fortune” in the village. In this team, little Vanya began his sports career, until the promising kid was accepted into the Zenith sports school in St. Petersburg.


– I say: “Go, Seryozha, for God’s sake, but I can’t go with you.” So they went, – Nina Ivanovna remembered the St. Petersburg bride of her son. – First, they went to Smena, they said that Vanya was no longer suitable for age. Then we went to the Zenit Sports School, where Viktor Vsevolodovich Vinogradov looked at him: “It looks like nothing, a small, strong kid like that. You have to watch it in action.” The first time he looked, he said: “Not very much … But take it easy, we’ll see.” Here Seryozha drove him every other day. Then, towards the end, the coach said: “The guy will go, okay. We will improve physics for him.” Viktor Vsevolodovich took Vanya under his wing.

Together with his son, the entire Oblyakov family moved to St. Petersburg, it was impossible to take the boy to school every day from the village. At first, only the father went to take care of Vanya, but soon he asked for help:

– They lived for a month without me, somehow dad managed there, he got a job as a driver – to carry gravel, sand, but he worked in shifts – both night and day. A month has passed, he says: “I can’t! Let’s come!” Well, what to do, in September 2009 I left everything and went there, – said the athlete’s mother.


The family lived in the interests of the youngest son until his majority. So, when Ivan Oblyakov was invited to Ufa, he was not eighteen, and his father went with him. And when the boy was studying at a sports school, his mother went to training with him, went to competitions and quickly learned to understand what a free kick, goalkeeper and offside are.

Photo source: RFU

Now the Oblyakovs’ wanderings around the country have ended, they have returned to their native village, where almost everyone is a fan of their son Vanya. During CSKA matches, a lot of people gather in the Oblyakovs’ house, they get sick noisily and emotionally. Mom even learned to whistle loudly.

– If a nephew, girlfriend Natalya, a neighbor is visiting, we have such a battle here! Oh, screams. Poor neighbors. We cannot look calmly, we scream with joy, we also scream with grief. Very distressing. Every moment, and not scored a goal, and scored. And I can still whistle. I’m whistling like that – it’s pawning my ears! With joy, I just can not express it otherwise. My voice sometimes sits down, so when I feel that my voice has sat down, I start whistling, – Nina Ivanovna admitted.


Vanya, whenever possible, comes to his small homeland and with pleasure, in a simple way, drives the ball on the field with local boys. And parents, regardless of the current status of their son, give him advice on how to play football.

– Dad takes care of him. He used to do it and now he still talks about it. The only thing I say is: “Vanya, don’t be shy, hit on goal.” In order not to bring the ball into the goal after a free kick, but to hit from behind a free kick, because long-range shots are very valuable and sometimes turn out very beautiful, – Nina Ivanovna Oblyakova said on the air of Avtoradio.

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