Agony: "I come with a song from my fist and lyrics and wanting to interpret it"

The girl band of the new edition of the Benidorm Fest is E’femme. Sandy, Melania, BUBU and Lottieare the members of this musical group that will fight next week to represent Spain at Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool.

E’femme has been able to share a little while with ‘Sports world’where he has explained how the nerves are going and how they are experiencing all this madness of the Benidorm Festival. ‘Uff!’, is the proposal that they will defend in the pre-selection of Spain to Eurovision 2023.

The E’femme group has been a huge fan of Eurovision: “Before the Benidorm Fest existed, when we released our first song two years ago, our followers They told us to present ourselves to Eurovision and that was there”. The members declared that as a result of last year they became more followers of the format.

The girl band of this edition wants to represent Spain with the song ‘Uff!’: “This song came to us and, moreover, we presented it in the last days“. “They presented us with the demo of the song, when it was a very early germ. They gave us total freedom to change and adapt it, so that it was totally ours. Once we were happy with the result we said, ‘go ahead and whatever'”.

“They gave us complete freedom to change and adapt ‘Uff!”

The group is already preparing its staging “with a lot of super professional people. We are counting on a super cool team. We are working hard every day”. Such is the level of dedication and demand that Melania had to leave her current job to be able to be 100% with the rehearsals.

Melania had to leave her job for the Benidorm Fest

“None of us like to talk about our private lives, but There comes a time when you need to let go. It’s all quite complicated. I left work, because we have a lot of things and a lot of rehearsals,” Melania said.

When it’s artistic, they don’t understand it and they don’t understand it. We have many professionals who are looking out for us and in summary it is very difficult. This is our way of being able to pay for our project, since we pay for it ourselves“, declared the same member of E’femme.

“I left work, because we have a lot of things and a lot of rehearsals”

Regarding the challenge of presenting to the Benidorm Fest, they made it clear that: “Everything that is beautiful and incredible is also difficult. We are self-managed, we are doing it ourselves, we are our own bosses. It is very difficult to carry all this being new. You stop to think about it and you realize everything you are achieving with all those who are supporting you. The world of music is a lot of work, but the rewards end up being greater.”

For E’femme representing Spain at Eurovision 2023 would be “wow”. “To represent an entire country would be amazing. We have presented ourselves to the Benidorm Fest knowing what lies ahead. If we knew there was Eurovision and we hadn’t wanted to go, we wouldn’t have gone to Benidorm. It’s scary, but it would drive us crazy to do something like that,” said the girl band.

The unfortunate words of Aritz Aren

Sandy, from E’femme’, wanted to give his point of view on the controversy of the moment: “Obviously, this is a problem that has occurred among the colleagues. The rest of us have not wanted to get involved, because it is not your position to get involved either. Perhaps Aritz’s words were not very accurate. He knows it and is aware of his mistake, it is also true that he was expressing an opinion. I don’t think he intended to attack or harm, he did it in the wrong way for sure, and he knows it.”

“I don’t want him to be retracted in a negative way because in the end this can play tricks on you. From the beginning we have been very aware of what we say, he has made a mistake, but I don’t think I did it in a way to hurt. I would like people to understand that and not to cancel, because people are very easy to cancel and they don’t check themselves. He made a mistake and the problem that there is between them, because we are alien “, the member of E’femme settled the issue.

“Aritz is aware of his mistake”

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